Fell Harvest Are Now Streaming Mournful “Pale Light In A Dying World” Wednesday July 14 2021, 7:51 PM
Fell Harvest Are Now Streaming Mournful “Pale Light In A Dying World”

Photo Credit: Sean Castenada
L-R - Joseph Fell - Bass/Vocals, Angel Enkeli - Drums, Liam Duncan - Guitars

Fell Harvest , from Cheyenne, Wyoming, USA is streaming their new album   “Pale Light In A Dying World” , which is a new take on traditional doom as it incorporates modern, progressive elements. The band started as a pretty traditional 90s style death-doom band if there’s such a thing, but considering the influence that each of the members brings forward, their sound has been about stepping away from the formula and letting themselves explore those while also   presenting a consistent aesthetic experience to fans.

It is hard to sum up the album in its entirety, due to it being so complex, both musically and mentally, as bassist and vocalist Joseph Fell quotes:

“If I had to call it anything though I would say “A snapshot of the plague year’. So much of this record was shaped by the pandemic, from deciding to record when and how we did, to tracking parts with a 103-degree fever and the discovery that I couldn’t sing the same way anymore because COVID damaged my lungs too badly. While it’s ultimately about more than just this one, unique moment in the modern zeitgeist, it’s also impossible to separate from the things happening around us when we created it.”

Initially,   Fell Harvest   was planning on spending 2020 touring to support their just released EP, but it obviously didn’t work out. Instead, Joseph Fell (bass/vocals) found himself sitting at home with nothing to do and began sifting through not only recent ideas, but some nearly forgotten bits and pieces that had never found a home before now. Eventually, he started working on some new arrangements to older songs and the band decided to try and record and release something in the summer. That didn’t work out either and it took almost a year to have the resulting record ready to release, but they think the results will prove worth it.

Recommended for fans of both doom metal and death metal,   Fell Harvest   is easily enjoyed by those with My Dying Bride, Agalloch, and Type O Negative in their rotation.

“Pale Light In A Dying World”   can be heard via its full stream premiere on   Doomed & Stoned   HERE .

“Pale Light In A Dying World”   is out on July 16, 2021.

Album pre-order on   FellHarvest.Bandcamp.com

Track Listing:
1. Titanicide (4:36)
2. Pale Light In a Dying World (8:23)
3. The Lark at Morning (7:10)
4. The Wind That Shakes the Barley (4:32)
5. Thy Barren Fields (6:40)
6. The Ghosts of Scapa Flow (9:08)
Album Length: 40:32

Album Credits:
• All songs performed by: Joseph Fell, Liam Duncan, Angel Enkeli
• All songs written by: Joseph Fell
• Produced by: Joseph Fell
• Mixed by: Alexander Backlund
• Mastered by: Alexander Backlund
• Album Artwork by: Sam Nelson/Stigma Art

Album Recording Band Line Up:

Joseph Fell - Bass, Vocals, Additional Guitars
Liam Duncan - Lead and Rhythm guitars
Angel Enkeli - Drums
Alexander Backlund - Synths and programming 

Live Band Line Up:
Joseph Fell - Bass, Vocals
Liam Duncan - Lead and Rhythm Guitars
Angel Enkeli - Drums

For more info:

Fell Harvest, doom metal from Cheyenne, Wyoming, USA, strives to weave a tapestry of melody, despair, and longing to chronicle the last lights of a dying world.

Fell Harvest grew out of a former project of Joseph Fell (bass/vocals); which found its completed form as a trio with the additions of Angel Enkeli (drums) and Liam Duncan (guitars). The name Fell Harvest came from a dream Fell had where he was walking through a deserted vineyard with every vine bearing bleached bones and rotting flesh. He woke up and wrote a short poem called “The Fell Harvest” about the images and feelings.

Probably the most unique aspect of their live sound is rooted in the fact they are a trio. It’s somewhat rare these days to see a three-piece band in extreme metal, and even more rare to see one that is as melodically driven as Fell Harvest. Fans can hear parallels to bands like Paradise Lost and Rotting Christ, but more careful listeners can hear nods to Venom and King’s X as well.

The band debuted a self-titled EP in 2020 and is following it up with “Pale Light In A Dying World” out on July 16, 2021.

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