DUNGEON SERPENT: No Clean Singing Streams Entire Debut Album From British Columbia-Based Death Metal Act; World Of Sorrows Sees Release Through Nameless Grave Records This Friday Tuesday July 13 2021, 5:30 PM
DUNGEON SERPENT: No Clean Singing Streams Entire Debut Album From British Columbia-Based Death Metal Act; World Of Sorrows Sees Release Through Nameless Grave Records This Friday

No Clean Singing is hosting an exclusive stream of  World Of Sorrows , the debut album from Vancouver, British Columbia-based melodic death metal solo outfit  DUNGEON SERPENT . The advance listen comes just days ahead of the record’s release this Friday through Nameless Grave Records.


World Of Sorrows  was written by  DUNGEON SERPENT ’s architect Arawn, who performs guitars, vocals, and bass, and programming. The record was recorded January through March of 2021 at 6085 Productions by producer J. Hook who provides additional programming, mixed by Andrew Lee, and mastered by Dan Lowndes at Resonance Sound Studios. The record features interior Illustrations by M. Lin, photography/graphics by Arawn, layout by Arawn and Brandon Corsair, and Thomas Cole’s "The Course Of Empire: Desolation" as the main cover.


“I went into  World Of Sorrows  with a very specific intent,” Arawn delves. “Looking at it even five months after I finished songwriting, it surprises me just how precisely I achieved that goal. I wanted an album that was fast, brutal, and morbid, yet also introspective and highly melodious. That is exactly what I got. Everything flowed out of me and coalesced into the five tracks presented. Indeed, it is a majestic structure that conveys my miseries, my triumphs, and my passions with arrogant and excessive splendor.”


No Clean Singing writes in part within their stunning review of the album, “it both inspires a sense of wonder and also inflicts breathtaking levels of sonic obliteration. The music is morbid, mauling, and merciless, but also home to both emotionally evocative melodies and the kind of pyrotechnic guitar mastery that drops jaws.”


Listen to DUNGEON SERPENT’s entire  World Of Sorrows  LP early now only through No Clean Singing at  THIS LOCATION .


Nameless Grave Records will release  World Of Sorrows  on CD and all digital platforms this Friday, July 16th. Find preorders at the label webshop  HERE  and Bandcamp  HERE . A vinyl pressing will follow late in the year.


Spawned from the misty woodland gloom of British Columbia in 2018,  DUNGEON SERPENT  is the creation of one Arawn, who has taken his time in the creation and refining of the act’s debut album, now emerging with the stronghold  World Of Sorrows . With five expansive, brutal, and archaic movements of melodic death metal carnage, the album fuses influence from brutal acts of the genre, citing Intestine Baalism, Molested, Vehemence, and Mi’gauss, with the dense layering of Rotting Christ and Eucharist. Once combined with the forsaken Canadian tradition of hyperblast, the outfit forms a sound that is at once blistering yet also introspective and mournful, a vortex of low, morbid tremolo riffs, maniac blastbeats, vehement guttural vocals, and powerful atmospheric melodies, converging to perfectly embody the somber mysticism and fantasy-oriented lyrics.


With this mix of ideas and sounds,  DUNGEON SERPENT  mastermind Arawn proves himself to be well beyond the stale revivalist trends and feeble-minded bland ignorance that plagues the modern metal underground. Channeling obscure and somewhat eclectic influences to create an exciting style of death metal,  DUNGEON SERPENT  explores new musical ideas while never abandoning the genre’s signature speed and brutality in the process.


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