GENTLE SAVAGE Unleash New Dark + Heavy Single 'Personal Hades', Story About Mental And Spiritual Suffering! Sunday July 4 2021, 2:11 PM
GENTLE SAVAGE Unleash New Dark + Heavy Single 'Personal Hades', Story About Mental And Spiritual Suffering!

GENTLE SAVAGE Unleash New Dark + Heavy Single 'Personal Hades', Story About Mental And Spiritual Suffering!

GENTLE SAVAGE released their debut album "Midnight Waylay", on June 17th via Bandcamp. Today the band has unleashed their new dark and heavy single 'Personal Hades', available on all the major streaming platforms.

Stream 'Personal Hades', HERE.

Lead vocalist Tornado on 'Personal Hades':
'PERSONAL HADES is on the dark and heavy side of Gentle Savage's repertoire. We feel as natural with old school rock tunes like LOVIN' AIN'T EASY as we do with these heavier more modern and even slightly proggressive  tunes. Midnight Waylay album is a rollercoaster with it's mood changes. PERSONAL HADES really kicks in with force making way to what's happening later on the album. Welcome to the Lands of Hades'.

Earlier he revealed:
"If the King of Hades starts to play electric guitar riffing and torturing souls, it might sound something like this...
Personal Hades is a story about mental and spiritual suffering. No help at sight, the narrator walks through the lands of Hades and cries for a rescue. Hades is used as a metaphor for the mindscape that exists inside a persons head when he/she is facing deep desperation at it's worst."

Tornado on "Midnight Waylay" album: "Midnight Waylay depicts a ‘taking it easy in the daytime, turning into a beast at night’ kind of lifestyle. Just like a hunter strikes from the shadows, ruthless and silent, these songs can without warning rock your world. As a concept the album Midnight Waylay is best appreciated when served whole, but each song has its own character and works well independently. Find your own adventure, let yourself loose!"

Kimmo Kuusniemi, Godfather of Finnish heavy metal, on Gentle Savage's debut album "Midnight Waylay": "Listening to Gentle Savage reminds me of Deep Purple! That’s not bad at all!"

"Midnight Waylay" Track List:
1. Karelian Magic        
2. Personal Hades        
3. YNAMW       
    (You Never ask Me Why)
4. Into The Abyss        
5. Honey Bunny        
6. After All                        
7. Run Run Poor Boy 
8. Livin' It Up        
9. Carry The Fire        

Buy the album at

Tornado stated on the album coverart:
Isn't it strange that when you get something really big done you are at the same time relieved and a bit confused?! That's how it feels like right now.
Our debut album is ready for release, coming out on June 17th via our Bandcamp page, and now we are proud to reveal the MIDNIGHT WAYLAY album cover to the world.
The cover art was created by our friend, graphic art wizard Vin Valentino. Vin and vocalist Tornado created the Midnight Waylay world based on Tornado's visions of a Rock Band descending down to earth using a 'stairway to heaven'. That's Tornado's way of showing his gratitude to the old great ones who showed the Rock'n Roll way for latter generations to roll. "


Watch the videos for the previous singles:
'Lovin' Ain't Easy' -

'YNAMW (You Never Ask Me Why)' -

'Honey Bunny -the Rock'n Roll transformation' -

'Run Run Poor Boy' -

'Karelian Magic' -

More information and follow GENTLE SAVAGE at
Twitter @GentleSavageX
YouTube - -


"It is all about the songs. And their internal message. That's the basic philosophy behind Gentle Savage."

Tornado Bearstone, songwriter, vocals and guitar
Jay B, drums and backing vocals
Vance Bead, bass and backing vocals
Tim O`Shore,  guitar and backing vocals
Theo van Boom, keyboards and backing vocals

’Treat yourself and let our magic in. We’ll take care of the rest’.

Band promo photo by Timo Soasepp
Artcovers by Vin Valentino

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