"THE RECORD OF ARMAGEDDON" Limited Edition Vinyl Pre-Order,,, Sunday July 4 2021, 1:53 PM
"THE RECORD OF ARMAGEDDON" Limited Edition Vinyl Pre-Order,,,

RELEASE DATE:  September 24, 2021


THRASHBACK RECORDS  is pleased to announce the second release in our new "Collectors Choice Vinyl Series" with something very special.  Read below for the story behind  "THE RECORD OF ARMAGEDDON" .


The direct link below will take you to a special page we created that also includes releases from some of the bands included on this release as well as related titles from  SHADES OF GREY  and  INVASION .


Thank you to everyone for their continued business and support, we truly appreciate you. So until next time...   HORNS UP!!!  




The idea began as we were thinking about the amazing compilations from the early to mid 80's when they were essential to discovering new bands, especially in the underground.
Now that we had an idea, it morphed into how it would be presented. We started going through a couple of boxes of 'zines that survived over the years and out came  "THE BOOK OF ARMAGEDDON" , a fanzine out of New York done by Ed Farshtey (who would later start the 7" focused label  RAGE RECORDS , and now runs Armageddon Productions NYC booking shows, and top dog for the "Rage of Armageddon Fest"). That was it,  "THE RECORD OF ARMAGEDDON" ... now we have a name.
Now we started thinking about bands and put together a short list of favorites. Then we thought, "Wouldn't it be cool if we could get Ed to write liners / essays on each band? Wouldn't it be even cooler if Ed were to pick half the bands?". He accepted, and away we went.
"THE RECORD OF ARMAGEDDON"  features 8 crushing tracks, with 6 being contemporary and 2 from the Florida vaults, with 7 of them being on vinyl for the very first time.
On the A Side we have an absolute crusher from North Carolina underground legends  FALSE PROPHET  with an exclusive remix of "Prayers Of Emptiness" done by Juan Urteaga (Exodus, Heathen, Testament, Sadus). The frenzy doesn't let up with blazing Thrash and Death Metal assaults from Belgium's  SCHIZOPHRENIA , Ft. Lauderdale, Florida's  AMBOOG-A-LARD  (originally recorded in 1995 for shelved a 7" EP, now finally on vinyl as originally intended), and Miami, Florida legends  SOLSTICE  with a live in studio recording from 1992 that has never been released on vinyl.
Side Two features Sludge Deathsters  YELLOWTOOTH  from Indiana (made up of former members of  SHADES OF GREY SEA OF TRANQUILITY SKULLVIEW INVASION ), North Carolina based modern Thrash / Death hybrid  DIVINE TREACHERY , Sweden's  METHANE  (featuring Tim Scott of Thrash legends  REVENANT  and members of  CRYONIC TEMPLE ), and Chicago's  LUNA IN SANGUINEM  (featuring former members of  NUM SKULL WRATH AMULANCE ).
The album has been mastered specifically for vinyl by Rob Colwell at Bombworks Sound. Each copy comes with a hand numbered Certificate of Authenticity, and the first 100 with an exclusive glossy 8x10 piece of "The Book of Armageddon" memorabilia.


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