Goat Sanctuary - Chthonic EP - Reviewed By Time For Metal! Wednesday June 30 2021, 6:56 PM
Goat Sanctuary - Chthonic EP - Reviewed By Time For Metal!

Goat Sanctuary - Chthonic EP - Reviewed By Time For Metal ! Check it out here at this link: https://time-for-metal.eu/goat-sanctuary-chthonic-ep/

The quartet from Seattle was founded one winter because of their shared passion for metal and to reconcile the influences of the four protagonists. That's all I know about the band. I assume that this is the first EP of the goat friends.

What a band name again. Everything that has to do with Goat must be good, hehe. But the guys are far away from death metal, thrash metal is the order of the day. Not the worst idea.

Let's start with Cthulhu. This word was probably used almost as often in metal as Evil, Satan or Goat. In just under 120 seconds they riff down and offer funky and fast thrash metal with groovy intermediate parts, cool tapping and aggressive vocals. The riffing is quite good. The faster parts come with a fine uftata rhythm. Despite the brevity of the song, it sounds varied. But you don't hear anything new or extraordinary either.

This doesn't change with Hail To The Goat either. Heaviges riffing at the end with almost heavigem vocals. But then it goes into a uftatapart, which is typically thrashig, comes across well and ends with a solo. This also sounds quite cool. The starting part is repeated. Mostly you move in mid-tempo and bring the uftatapart for a change.

Shark Teeth is already slowly and dry crawling out of the boxes. The powerful vocals, which are partially doubled, sound powerful. Again these typical uftata elements and then into a groovy part. The bass hums properly and brings the certain spice with it. A song that you can hear well, but will never become a world hit.

Drain The Blood gives a lot more gas, but something else is really fixed, but that doesn't always have to be. After the fixed beginning you change back into a groovy sector and then repeat the beginning. You work again with two vocal registers. Makes already mood, you have to say, but somehow sounds the same,

Out Of The Light ends the short-term pleasure and once again offers good riffing and uftata sounds. The voice sounds a bit angrier and presses properly. The song and the song structure line up and sound like the rest of the material.

In addition to the thrashy elements, there are also excursions into the punk and hardcore sector. An entertaining pleasure. Makes mood, but more but also not, but also no less. I would have liked a little more variety. - Time For Metal

Brutal Thrash Metal
The musicians in Goat Sanctuary are from the Seattle area and bonded over their shared passions for Metal. Each member brings a unique musical aesthetic to the band. The new EP CHTHONIC was written by Goat Sanctuary, produced by Boomdust and mixed/mastered by Seattle legend, Jack Endino.

Goat Sanctuary was born out of the dark winters of Seattle to explore the deepest sounds of Thrash Metal brought by a diverse array of influences each member has to offer.

FFO: Powertrip, Plague Years, Gravehuffer

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Looking to the Future:
The band is looking forward to playing shows at a venue near you.  For booking info, please contact: goatsanctuaryband@gmail.com

The members are:

Tim Mullen, Drums

Simon Crawley, Vocals

Zach Cook, Guitar

Brent Powell, Bass


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