Doom Act Cavern Deep Release "Waterways" Video! Sunday June 27 2021, 9:30 PM
Doom Act Cavern Deep Release "Waterways" Video!

The start of the expedition. 

One archaeologist and 49 men stand at the gates of a previously unknown civilization, 
for a moment staring down into the bowels of the mountain before they begin their decent. 
The journey downwards turn out to be more dangerous than expected, they climb down through whirling stairs lit only by organic fluorescent lights.. 
Further down the path turns more and more crumbled, eventually they must use ropes to traverse the broken bridges and tunnels over the deep chasms below. Filled by the promise of treasure they continue downwards. Many men go missing as they're tasked to explore diverting tunnels, they never return and their screams are followed by silence. the only thing found is their safety ropes, driven by greed the archaeologist continues the expedition.

Cavern Deeps debut concept album is about 50 adventurers that find the entrance to a lost underground civilization which they enter with the hopes of treasure.

1. Staring Down

The first song is about the ominous feeling whilst staring down the stairs.

“Staring down…. Into the deep”

Unknown symbols from a by gone by intelligence fills the walls of the staircase which never seem to end.

2. Abandoned Quarters

In this song the party finds the remnants of a lost city with abandoned spires and halls. 

“To the levels below”

The ruins are filled with hatched eggs and signs of struggle. But no corpses… On the other side of the city the stairs continue into the depths.

3. Ominous Gardens

After leaving the city the party stumbles on a huge abandoned garden. Abandoned by the warden this underground garden is filled with acient deadly fauna. Many of the party members perish as the jungle takes its toll. 

4. Waterways

Below the jungle lies the aqueducts that provided all of the water needed for the once prosperous civilization. It soon becomes obvious that they’re no longer alone. 

“Searching… for the door”

The party soon gets lost in this maze, hope seems lost.

5. Leap of Faith

After many men had perished in the waterways, they finally find the door which leads out to a ledge. Before them lies an enormous gap, the chasm is so deep that the only thing they see is an endless darkness in the depths below. The darkness seem to have a life of its own…

6. Deeper Grounds

The depths of the leap swallowed its fair share of adventurers.


Less then half of the party left they realize that there no way out but down.

7. The Fungal Realm

Finally, the party arrives in a dark and damp large cavern. It’s full of a fungus which has a hive mind intent of consuming the minds of the adventurers. 

“My mind is melting away”

Slowly the everyone but the leader of the expedition becomes a part of the fungus.

8. The Dark Place

The leader of the venture now alone enters a great dark room. On the other side of the room a dark and ancient entity lurks. The entity has lived in these caverns for a very long time, possible being the source of power of the ancient civilization. 

“We are lost, Cavern Deep”

This old god of a forgotten time has waited for someone to take his place. As the lost adventurer tries to scream the god consumes him to take his place, finally released.

The art:
All of the art is made by Kenny, the guitarist of the band.

Cavern Deep is a slow, heavy band, founded 2019, by members from Zonaria and Swedish retro riffsters Gudars Skymning.
The debut self-titled album is about one archeologist and his crew of ambitious henchmen and their descent into the 

cavernous realm below the crust of the earth. Learn about their fate and listen to some heavy, gloomy riffs along 

their slow path downwards.

Cavern Deep is:
Kenny-Oswald Duvfenberg – Guitars and Vocals
Max Malmer – Bass and Vocals
Dennis Sjödin – Drums, Backup Vocals and Keys

1. Staring Down

2. Abandoned Quarters

3. Ominous Gardens

4. Waterways

5. Leap of Faith

6. Deeper Grounds

7. Fungal Realm

8. The Dark Place

The album will be released on all major platforms and vinyl via Interstellar Smoke Records on July 23rd

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