Goresoerd - Antikeha Sunday March 12 2017, 6:28 PM
Goresoerd - Antikeha

Release date 03.03.2017

A project that started out in 2004 as two guys playing and experimenting with grindcore, Goresoerd has quickly evolved into the spearhead of intelligent, vicious and tongue-in-cheek extreme music in the Estonian scene. Hectic, hyper-driven and entertaining live shows have paved the way for the band’s success.

GORESOERD blasted off as an idea for a project after some collaboration between Stig and Kari of Symbolic State in late 2004. Back then it was just for fun and experimenting, a short foray from their main band. They used a drum machine, as it gave them some advantage —skipping the part of a real drummer’s trials and tribulations in the studio. In the beginning it was meant to be grind, but after inducing humor and even some elements of parody, they found themselves head over heels committed to the project.

After releasing a 6-track MCD “Nekromantik” in 2006 under a nascent label Stuka Sound, Goresoerd drifted away from the initial grind-death-grotesquerade. The new material, a truly eclectic feast of 17 hilarious and extreme tracks, with influences varying from mainstream rock to crust hardcore, entitled “Goremarket Mid-Prices”, was released in 2007 by Estonia’s biggest metal music label, Nailboard Records.

In February 2010 Goresoerd unleashed its second full-length, entitled "Tüdruk ja Surm" ("Maiden And Death"), backed by an unerring sense of hit-worthiness and the solid punch delivered in the lyrics by the legendary and infamous Estonian writer Sven Kivisildnik — resulting in a bizarre "rock opera" involving lethally precise death metal riffing, catchy melodic soloing and violent, varied vocal hooks, wherein all possible borders between the real and the grotesque come down in a sickly bout of gallows-humour.

September 2013 - “Asülum” (“Asylum”) is released, which is far more diverse and copious than previous albums. With their latest release, the group has also drastically raised the bar in terms of production quality as proven by pre-released singles "Kuningas Direktor", "Asülum" and "Masin". Music videos for two of the forementioned conquered the charts of "Estonian Top Music Videos" on several occasions as well.

The twelve tracks pack a punch on full throttle, coasting on ironic lyrics, melodic leads and atmospheric synths, giving the release its fine tuned balance between raw energy and progressive sound. "Asülum" LP was released in collaboration with Crunch Industry and Inverse Records.

In March 03 2017 the band released "Antikeha" ("Antibody"), its fourth album. The poison green publication is like an expansion of the previous long play, where characteristic aggressiveness is fulfilled with melodic vocals at times. Video single "Neetud" is a good example for that.
"Antikeha" will be released by Crunch Industry and distributed by Inverse Records.


Eero "Nagy" Soomere - vocals
Stig Lindeberg - guitar & back vocals
Tõnis Noevere - drums
Janar Tiitus - bass & back vocals
Rasmus Tauk - guitar
René Jõhve - turntables & sampling


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