Trapped on ReverbNation, the Working Musician's Pickpocket? Sunday December 3 2017, 7:50 PM
Trapped on ReverbNation, the Working Musician's Pickpocket?

"When you go "pro" with Reverbnation and pay them $20/month (probably more now), after you release your albums, should you decide to no longer subscribe, they'll promptly UN-RELEASE your work from all major distribution channels.

Wait, there's more! Should having them undo the work you paid them for upset you and you want to close your account, you won't be able to if you've ever submitted your songs to any of their so-called "opportunities." You see, they "protect" your songs from being deleted, even years after those opportunities have ended, and you can't delete your account while you have songs that are protected.

So not only are you trapped there, but as a special bonus, they have your personal information via any apps you've enabled on your other social media platforms! And don't forget, you can't leave!

You have to send them an email -- and good luck getting an actual person to respond to you!

I challenge you to see if you are even ABLE to delete your RN account. Even if you don't follow through, see if that last screen is a prompt saying

"Disallowed Action

We are unable to remove your profile:
Unable to remove your profile because you currently have songs that are protected. For additional help, please contact our support team at"

Because if so, you're trapped there like the rest of us, and it's all the more reason we ALL need to take back OUR music industry and get away from this PARASITIC company." Posted by Jason Aaron Wood 

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Jason Aaron Wood / Ol Sonuf
Jason Aaron Wood Thanks for sharing this Zach!
7 years ago
Zach Moonshine
THE BEAST yeah man fuck em
7 years ago
marcel.fabio i know you can't delete the account although I have accounts only to share bands music! the best they have duplicated my account so I got two now for the same purpose ...
7 years ago
Zach Moonshine
THE BEAST i think they served a purpose when myspace died but bandcamp has blow them away for sure since
7 years ago