New Music: Speedkiller (Brazil) Midnight Vampire Edged Circle Release: 11 December 2020 Thursday October 15 2020, 7:32 PM
New Music: Speedkiller (Brazil) Midnight Vampire Edged Circle Release: 11 December 2020

EDGED CIRCLE PRODUCTIONS is proud to present the striking debut album of Brazil's SPEEDKILLER, Midnight Vampire.

An otherwise entity, SPEEDKILLER hail from Brazil, arguably THE South American country with the richest history of extreme metal. A quartet, the band comprises vocalist/guitarist Spellcaster, fellow guitarist Summoned, bassist Evilspirit, and drummer Hellcrätus. A full-length album, Midnight Vampire is SPEEDKILLER's first public recording...but HOLY FUCK is it a first statement!

Unapologetically, SPEEDKILLER hail the old gods of their homeland, both the massively influential cult scene of the '80s - Vulcano, Sarcofago, Mutilator, Holocausto, and earliest (and best) Sepultura - but also Mystifier's classic first album, Wicca. As such, Midnight Vampire is a work of both aggression and atmosphere. But unlike so many past and especially present who endlessly try to replicate the OTT violence of Sarcofago's INRI, SPEEDKILLER possess a patience in their songwriting which allows bewitching atmosphere to play equal footing as belligerent aggression - the song to take precedence over style. In fact, much of Midnight Vampire charges forward at a brisk, enjoyably headbanging tempo, allowing their largely traditionalist constructions to breathe full, foul breaths: undeniably sulfurous, but firmly rooted in ancient values. Thus, here could one raise a gleaming sword as freely as drink black blood, and indeed do SPEEDKILLER's primary inspirations run the gamut of street fights, vampirism, all-caps HEAVY METAL, perversion, and of course DEATH.

Hearty and hale, Midnight Vampire doesn't waste any time, either: it gets in and gets out in a swift yet deeply satisfying 27 minutes. Suitably, the rich 'n' resoundingly analog production is completed by mixing from now-labelmates INCULTER's Remi Nygård, and cover art by Jean Nightbreäker of Brazil's Murdeath is everything it should be for a work like this. If you want ARGH, you got it with SPEEDKILLER!


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