MARENNA launches New Single & Physical EP Edition! Monday June 14 2021, 8:04 PM
MARENNA launches New Single & Physical EP Edition!

Brazilian Hard Rock band  MARENNA , led by vocalist  Rod Marenna , has just released the single " Had Enough"  on all main digital platforms. The theme of the single deals with the difficulties within the relationships of modern daily life, addressing the challenges of living with individual differences and anxieties, provoking reflections and choices.

Originally, the song was pre-produced in 2019 between  Rod Marenna  and the producer  Jonas Godoy . In this final version, the original drum takes were used, the guitar arrangements were given a new look and the musical production of guitarist/producer  Mauro Caldart , who recreated and improved all the arrangements.

The vocal production and co-authoring of lyric were made alongside with  Arthur Appel , and the mixing and mastering were done by  Jonas Godoy , both music partners of the band since 2014.

The video was produced by  Johnny Brando .

Alongside  Rod Marenna , on the track  "Had Enough" , are musicians  Arthur Schavinski   (Drums),  Luks Diesel  (Keyboards),  Bife  (Bass) and the special guest appearance of  Mauro Caldar t (Guitars and Music Production)

Listen Now to "Had Enough" on main digital platforms: HadEnough

Watch the Official Video Music for "Had Enough": fDHqxRZsA

Also watch the One Take Vocal Video for "Had Enough": x5lY0hgnfE4


The EP  "Pieces Of Tomorrow" , originally released in 2020 only in digital format, has just received a special edition on CD and Tape Cassette, in addition to  "Had Enough"  and the three tracks already released,  "Getting Higher" "Pieces Of Tomorrow " and "Break My Hear Again", the physical edition includes exclusive versions of other tracks recorded during the quarantine period.

Tracking List:

01-  Getting Higher *
02-  Pieces Of Tomorrow *
03-  Had Enough   (Feat. Mauro Caldart)   **
04-  Break My Heart Again *
05-  Fall In Love Again   (Lockdown Sessions)   (Bonus Track) ***
06-  Keep On Dreaming  (Lockdown Sessions)   (Bonus Track) ***
07-  Getting Higher  (Lockdown Sessions)   (Bonus Track) ***
08-  Break My Heart Again   (Acoustic Version)   (Bonus Track) ***

*   Produced by   Jonas Godoy
**   Produced by   Mauro Caldart
***   Produced by   Luks Diesel

Vocals produced by   Arthur Appel
Mixed & Mastered by   Jonas Godoy   at Linha Sonora Studios, Caxias do Sul/RS, Brazil
Artwork by   Luks Diesel

This release presents a new phase of  MARENNA , showing a more mature sound, but keeping the roots within its artistic concept, betting on the mix of its classical influences from 80's Melodic Rock/AOR with a modern contemporary rock sound also in terms of production. The main influences of the band are bands like:  Bon Jovi Whitesnake ,   Journey  and  H.E.A.T .

"I believe that we closed a cycle with this  work in the midst of a turbulent period and full of setbacks, but even so, we took this consistent step to the new phase we are looking for, after all, a work materialized in a physical format always has a different taste, becoming a living connection between the art, the artist and the fan,"  commented  Rod Marenna .

Alongside vocalist  Rod Marenna , on the EP, are the musicians:  Arthur Schavinski  (Drums),  Luks Diesel  (Keyboards), Bife (Bass) and  Alex Reck  (Guitars).

Additional Musicians by:
Arthur Appel   (Bass & Backing Vocals on the track "Break My Heart Again")  
Acauã Montiel   (Keyboards on the track "Getting Higher")
Mauro Caldart   (Guitar & Backing Vocals on the track "Had Enough")

The Physical edition can be ordered through:
Let's Rock –
Doctor Rock CDs - br
Anjo Music – anjomusic
Rocketz Records (Cassete Tape) – rocketzrecordsoficial
Signed copies can be ordered by the e-mail:
Web & Social Media Marenna

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