ZOË - Back Into The Light - Reviewed By Rockportaal! Sunday May 30 2021, 2:52 PM
ZOË - Back Into The Light - Reviewed By Rockportaal!

ZOË - Back Into The Light - Reviewed By Rockportaal ! Check it out here at this link: https://www.rockportaal.nl/zoe-back-to-the-light/

Back To The Light is stoner rock with a thick fat punk rock sauce. The pace is on average higher than that prescribed by traditional stoner rock. The music doesn't get cumbersome or heavy anywhere. ZOË is rock 'n' roll with the right spirit. It sounds fresh, but unfortunately nowhere world-shaking or really striking. There are no real outliers up there, but fortunately there are no bad songs on this record either. It's ten songs long enjoying straight-forward rock. The approach has a wonderfully fitting spiky frayed edge. This is mainly because the band, partly due to the honest production, sometimes seems to 'rattle'. However, if you listen carefully, you will hear that the musicians know exactly what they are doing. Together with the bassist, the drummer provides an excellent basis on which the electric guitar can excel. The singer sounds pleasant, but with a rough edge. In that respect, Back To The Light is true on all sides. ZOË delivers a pleasant album. The album invites you to see the band live. That's definitely going to be a fun rock night full of energy. As a whole, however, it doesn't surprise enough to really compete for the top league of stoner rock bands. However, let that not be a reason not to give this record a chance. - Rockportaal

ZOË are back into the light !
It’s been quite a while since they were back on stage, but that’s it, they’re back ! And in addition, with a new album, their fourth : “Back Into The Light” !
“Back Into The Light”, their 4th album, is still rock n roll ! They once again trusted Olivier T'Servrancx (Lumberjack Feedback, Black Bomb A...) for the sound. And, combined with the mastering of Goran Finnberg (Meshuggah, In Flames, Glowsun...), it’s a success ! The 10 tracks are in the usual stoner vein of the quartet, “Back Into The Light”, “Voices”, “By Your Side” and “White Trash” are the good example. Other more psyche flirt with the 70’s ambiance of MC5, Stooges and Led Zeppelin : “Wild Wild City”, “Down In A Hole”, “Go Like A Bomb”. As for the last 3, more speed, Motorhead would not deny them : “Cut Class”, “In Praize Of Laziness” and especially “Band Of Brothers”, a beautiful tribute to Lemmy. In short, a complete album for the powerful rock aficionados!

FFO: The Electric Cactus, Skraeckoedlan, Howling Giant

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