INHUMAN CONDITION release video for PAUL MAZURKIEWICZ-penned, "Killing Pace" Tuesday May 18 2021, 9:31 PM
INHUMAN CONDITION release video for PAUL MAZURKIEWICZ-penned, "Killing Pace"

Earlier this year,  INHUMAN CONDITION  announced their arrival on the scene.  The group, comprised of former  MASSACRE  members as well as current members of  OBITUARY, THE ABSENCE, GOREGÄNG,  and  FORE , have since released two singles from their upcoming album, "Rat°God", and now debut their third, entitled "Killing Pace".

The lyrics for "Killing Pace" were written by  CANNIBAL CORPSE  drummer/lyricist  Paul Mazurkiewicz.

The video was filmed and edited by drummer  Jeramie Kling , with additional footage being supplied with permission by "The Abomination" directed by Max Raven.

"This song turned out to be such a ripper!  Once we got Paul to write some gnarly lyrics and catchy vocal patterns, it really developed into a bit of an anthemic song, and it's very mosh-able.  It was also so cool that Jeramie was able to talk to director Max Raven and get permission to use the footage from "The Abomination", it's just a classic slasher video!"  Nordberg  said.

View video here:

"Rat°God" will be out on June 4th on Listenable Insanity Records, with a vinyl release set for August 6th on Black Serpent Records. Pre-orders are available at

“Rat God” track-listing:

1. Euphoriphobia

2. The Neck Step

3. Planetary Paroxysm

4. Killing Pace

5. Gravebound

6. Tyrantula

7. Rat God

8. Crown Of Mediocrity

9. Fait Accompli


Jeramie Kling - vocals/drums

Terry Butler - bass

Taylor Nordberg - guitars


Photo by Deidra Kling

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