MERCIC estremece duplamente a cena Industrial mundial! / MERCIC launches two killer tracks for new double industrial journey! Sunday May 16 2021, 5:16 PM
MERCIC estremece duplamente a cena Industrial mundial! / MERCIC launches two killer tracks for new double industrial journey!

MERCIC launches two killer tracks for new double industrial journey!

Portuguese Experimental Industrial Rock/Metal, and one of the greatest components in the worldwide industrial scene, MERCIC, announces the exclusive premiere of not one but two tracks on the european label UNP MUSIC's youtube channel, UNPTV. The tracks are from the upcoming albuns scheduled for release on 4th June.

Check out "Batalha de Egos // The Crown Belongs To Johnny" on:

"Batalha de Egos" and "The Crown Belongs To Johnny", are taken from the albums "MERCIC_7_2021" and "MERCIC_8_2021" respectively and are both available to stream or purchase on all major platforms. The release of the two tracks also marks the launch of the digital pre-order for both albuns on UNP Music's official Bandcamp.

About the song "Batalha de Egos", Carlos "Maldito" comments:

"An innovation to the basic formula used by MERCIC, In addition to the lyrics in Portuguese, Manuel Melo's narration inserts a lyrical tone to a theme that addresses a more direct and simple sound."

About the song "The Crown Belongs To Johnny", Carlos "Maldito" comments:

"A chilling tribute to Johnny Coroa, musician and friend who departed too early and left the Portuguese underground musical scene much more empty."

A sad curiosity about this track is that the voice is a recording of Johnny Coroa himself and was taken from a personal Youtube video in whick he talks about his burden with psychological and mental healthy issues, but was not given the attention needed.

Pre-save the two tracks now as they will not leave any doubts as to the quality and diversity within one of the fastes growing music styles today.

“MERCIC_7_2021” tracklist:

“Batalha de Egos”
“Começa a Viver-Te”
“Sê Audaz”
“Já Não Te Pertences”
“Se Pequeno for o teu Pensamento, Jamais Serás Grande em Algo”
“Foge & Liberta-Te”
“Há Sempre Um Vazio”
“Olha-Te ao Espelho”
“Somos Erros”

“MERCIC_8_2021” tracklist:

“The Determinant Rising”
“The Ruinous Damage”
“The Extermination Of What You Thought To Be”
“The Continuous Uncertainty”
“The Conqueror”
“The Most Perfect Nightmare”
“The Pain Builder”
“Nostalgia For The Past Nights”
“The Crown Is For Johnny (R.I.P)”
“The Last Ramble Of Dawn Enough!”

Mixing & Mastering by Andre Tavares
Front Cover & Arts by Cesar Palma
Fotography by Mariana Félix

Both albums will be released/sold separately and featuring special guests by renowned portuguese musicians from Industrial and Experimental Rock/Metal scene such as Andre Tavares, Cesar Palma, Manuel Melo, Hugo Areias, Claudio Silva, Luis Coelho, Jorge Caldeira, Jose Costa, Jo , Tiago Tokinha, Ricardo Gingado, Paulo Dimal and Cristiano Vieira.

More about MERCIC:

Created in 2015, in Grândola, Portugal, by multi-instrumentalist Carlos Maldito, after making the
sudden and difficult decision of parting ways with all the bands in which he was a part of at the time to fully dedicate his efforts towards his own personal project. Thus was born, MERCIC an industrial rock project, with the main objective to release only studio albums and to remix other bands, detaching from the norm of singles and music videos and aiming to release an album a year. The full transformation came in 2019, before the release of the fifth record, "MERCIC_5_2019", a time at which MERCIC considers a new start in both his personal and professional life.

Due to the philosophy of the project being to focus as much as possible on the music and let it speak for itself, live shows are a rarity and the use and abuse of heavily manipulated imagery is another product of modern society that MERCIC avoids as much as possible.

The sound is unique, opening borders between gothic, alternative and indie rock and metal, with a heavy influence of industrial music. Focused on melody, modernist progressions and a myriad of different atmospheres. He incorporates a wide range of vocalizations, synthesized beats, keyboards, samplers and orchestrations full of melancholy and inspired by personal themes, existential issues and climatic nuances to create not only dark atmospheres in his music, but also an almost unimaginable diversity between styles. If you are looking for innovative, non stereotypical, outside of the box and unconventional music, then MERCIC is what you are looking for.

For fans of Nine Inch Nails, Ministry, Front Line Assembly, Die Krupps, Godflesh, Killing Joke, KMFDM, Marylin Manson, Orgy, Revolting Cocks etc.


MERCIC_1_2015 (Album/2015)
MERCIC_2_2016 (Remix) (EP/2016)
MERCIC_3_2017 (Album/2017)
MERCIC_4_2018 (Album/2018)
MERCIC_5_2019 (Album/2019)
MERCIC_6_2020 (Album/2020)
Cursed (Sacred Sin) (Remixed By Mercic) (Single/2020)
Shattered (Congruity) (Remixed By Mercic) (Single/2020)
Cold (Chaosfear) (Remixed By Mercic) (Single/2020)
Rhythmotion (Machinergy) (Remixed By Mercic) (Single/2020)
Bloodied Hope (Theriomorphic) (Remixed By Mercic) (Single/2021)
MERCIC_7_2021 (Album/2021)
MERCIC_8_2021 (Album/2021)


Carlos "Maldito" - Vocals/Samplers/Keyboards/Drums
Cesar Palma - Guitars (Live)

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