Kenny McCormick - Alien - Reviewed By Sound Magnet! Saturday May 15 2021, 2:53 PM
Kenny McCormick - Alien - Reviewed By Sound Magnet!

Kenny McCormick - Alien - Reviewed By Sound Magnet ! Check it out here at this link:

Industrious serial viewers get stupid with the artist's name. And indeed Marcel Schrade from meura in Thuringia borrowed the name of his project  Kenny McCormick  from the perpetual unlucky bird of the well-known animation series South Park.

On his third album  Alien,  he embarks on a journey in the hope of making contact with alien creatures from other worlds. Like its predecessors, this album is also available digitally and can be listened to  here   on Youtube or the popular streaming providers and, via Bandcamp, also receive the monetary appreciation it deserves.

Stands in the best tradition of his role models

It is a lonely journey, because he uses all the instruments himself, and there is no singing here either. But the journey is entertaining. In keeping with the concept, the technical, purely instrumental Djent is in the best tradition of Animals As Leaders or Tesseract,whereby the fans of the former should feel very comfortable here.

Kenny McCormick  is much more melodic and accessible, without missing the hardness and quirks. This comes into play on the second song  Alien  through the hammering drums, but also allows atmospheric moments and interesting rhythm experiments.  In Paradigm Shift,  the album is most reminiscent of Animals As A Leader.

Alien  roughly follows a concept of an encounter with a foreign way of life. Or rather, a journey with that very encounter as a climax. The artwork is reminiscent of tool as well as many song structures, for example in  Star Atlas  with its repetitive guitar figures and supporting electronics.

Good production with potential

The production is transparent and powerful, but in some places it could still tolerate a little sharpness and contour. Nevertheless, it convinces and rounds off the overall picture of a metrically and melodically varied and sharp progressive metal longplayer. Compared to its predecessor Zenturies,  Alien  is noticeably bulkier, and you are at a very high level here and there.

The third disc  Alien  of the Prog Metal project  Kenny McCormick  invites you to a journey through space and time with fine electronics and varied guitar runs and rhythms. Apart from an even more sophisticated production, the Prog Metal Fan has no wish. Therefore, from my page there is 8 /  10. - Sound Magnet

This is the third album from the German One-Man-Band " Kenny McCormick ".
After the first two releases " Event Horizon " and " Zenturies ", the new album "Alien" again has the intention to take the listener on a journey into abstract Progressive-Metal landscapes.
So grab yourself a beer or some other stuff and enjoy the trip on the spaceship.

FFO: Tool, Tesseract, Animals As Leaders

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