Gaia Epicus - Reviewed By Heavy Metal Heaven webzine! Sunday May 9 2021, 12:36 PM
Gaia Epicus - Reviewed By Heavy Metal Heaven webzine!

Gaia Epicus - Reviewed By Heavy Metal Heaven webzine ! Check it out here at this link:

Seventh Rising is the latest studio effort by Gaia Epicus,a power metal band from Norway that is now in its seventh release (as can also be seen from the title).

The group relies on the now-rudden style that has also characterized previous works: a power without too many frills that aims to put fans at ease. The technical awareness and objective skills of the three musicians make the record extremely enjoyable, although this never really moves away from the usual plots of the reference genre. During the composition phase, the rhythms - now more aggressive, now more relaxed - are roughly managed all the songs on the tracklist; Playing on multiple levels of intensity, Thomas Chr. Hansen's pen manages to keep the attention high and accompany the listener on the epic journey presented on the album. The sound resulting from good production is warm and engaging, which helps to better understand the work of Scandinavian training. Seventh Rising is crossed by an energy spread between all the notes and phrasings between the instruments, and is able to entertain and tell itself in a fresh way. It is by no means a foregone conclusion to succeed in this respect on the basis of the above-mentioned premises; indeed, wanting to rely on the most classic traits of a genre is often a reason for many bands to fail. If, however, you do not necessarily intend to amaze, it is enough to put on a series of square, solid pieces, which know how to satisfy the taste of the listener without unhinging any pre-established rules. Gaia Epicus succeed in this and with Seventh Rising they once again find the right balance between traditionalism and efficiency. - Heavy Metal Heaven webzine

Gaia Epicus hails from Norway and released it’s 7th album called “Seventh Rising” the 17th. December 2020. The “band” or project if you will since it’s not been a full band in the last 10 years or more, has played concerts, festivals and toured in the following countries Norway, Sweden, UK & Scotland, USA and Spain.

The band was founded by Thomas Chr. Hansen back in 1992 and he is the only original member left. Throughout the years the band changed music style, name and members several times, only to finally back in 2001 land on the style that he still plays today. The band goes under the Power Metal genre but according Hansen himself he calls it just Melodic Metal. (with elements of power, speed, thrash and prog)

After being ripped off by the first label who released their two first albums, Hansen then decided to form his own label. Epicus Records is the name of his label and he has released five Gaia Epicus albums pluss re-issued the first two. As it stands Hansen has been offered deals on other labels but turned it down, but he is looking to strike a deal with a bigger label so if anyone interested please get in touch with him.


Some of the people that has been special guests on albums:
- Mike Terrana (Rage, Vision Divine, Yngwie Malmsteen)
- Tim Ripper Owens (Judas Priest, Iced Earth)
- Michael T. Ross (Lita Ford)
- Roland Grapow (Helloween, Masterplan)
- Dominique Leurquin (Rhapsody)
- Andreas Olsson (Royal Hunt, Rob Rock)
- Michael Troy (Yngwie Malmsteen)
- Ola Halén (Insania)
- Morty Black (TNT)

Single “Invisible Enemy” -

Single “Gods Of Metal” -




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