Misanthropik Torment "Murder Is My Remedy" Reviewed by Dave Wolff! Friday May 7 2021, 9:59 AM
Misanthropik Torment "Murder Is My Remedy" Reviewed by Dave Wolff!

Misanthropik Torment "Murder Is My Remedy" Reviewed by Dave Wolff ! Check it out here at this link: https://aeafanzine.blogspot.com/2021/05/full-length-reviews-misanthropik.html

Misanthropik Torment is a blackened death metal band founded and fronted by The Leviathan, and to say his music is something the faint of heart and faint of mind should avoid is a massive understatement. MT personifies brutal vengeance and the destruction of human vileness while seeking to educate through the chaos theory, demonstrating how it functions on societal and mental levels. It demonstrates what happens to one’s mental capacity when one is “pushed too far”, requiring thought and meditation as much as a visceral response. The Leviathan’s newest release “Murder Is My Remedy” is as much a call to thought as action, which should possibly be locked away in a vault for its potential to destroy society. Misanthropik Torment’s early material from 2019 was extremely raw and abrasive, apparently intended as a representation of the disorder resulting from propositional incongruity and cognitive dissonance. I’d guess this is where the “seething hatred for the sickness of humanity” theme comes from, the idea that people present an image of being enlightened while behaving in a predatory manner. Expressed in The Leviathan’s early work for MT as an assault on your senses much akin to this cognitive dissonance, this project may be too much to stomach even for fans of the most extreme of extreme music. But its way of addressing human nature is intelligent in its own way though this may not be apparent by first impressions. From 2019 to 2020 to 2021 MT has become more refined and sophisticated as The Leviathan has experimented with tighter songwriting, more precise musicianship, more complex song structure, melodic rhythms, and experimentation with keyboards but there is still something raw and dangerous about it. To “better yourself” philosophically would defeat the purpose, so as much as Misanthropik Torment has matured as musicians and songwriters he has also decided to head in the opposite direction philosophically and conceptually. Keeping their older raw black/death metal influences and the tight crunch and grind added there are some hints of influence in Pantera and the bands that came after them. It may not be completely safe for consumption but it will alter your perception of the world if you allow it to. – Dave Wolff

Lexington, Kentucky's ' Misanthropik Torment' is somewhat of a one man operation.  Formed in February 2017. Leviathan is the vocalist, lyricist and founder of ' Misanthropik Torment' . Leviathan writes everything! Mixes & masters and publishes everything himself. He  sometimes works with other solo artists or instrumentalists from all over the globe to create his therapeutic madness.

Recently Josh Freeman from the band ' There's only one Elvis ' joined ' Misanthropik Torment' on a journey into the mind of the deranged.

The new album ' Murder Is My Remedy ', features Josh Freeman from the band ' There's only one Elvis '. Josh Freeman composed all the instrumentals for this album and features as a guest vocalist.

' Murder Is My Remedy' can only be described as brutality at its most insane! Touching on topics about the sickness of humanity, and what drives a person to have a misanthropik mind. The record will be released April 1st, 2021 and it will be available on all streaming platforms!

Misanthropik Torment's musical influences range from many different genres of metal and rock such as, Deicide , Morbid Angel , Cannibal Corpse , Death , Possessed , Ozzy Osbourne , Marilyn Manson , Korn , Iron Maiden , Megadeth , Queensryche , Twisted Sister , Skid Row , Obituary , Death Angel , Mayhem , Dark Throne, etc.

 A lot of people ask what is the meaning behind ' Misanthropik Torment '?  " Misanthropy is an extreme hatred for humanity, in which I do have, however by my nature I am not a hateful person, it is the sickness of humanity that has driven me to be Misanthropik . Because by my nature I am not a hateful person, I am tormented by my own hatred, thus Misanthropik Torment was created. I am the product of what the world has created me to be, this monster that they hate is the reflection of themselves. " - Leviathan

Misanthropik Torment is also currently working on a book titled ' The Evolution Of My Psychosis ' due to be released by January 1st of 2022 along with 2 new albums!

For fans of Six Feet Under, Morbid Angel, Dying Fetus

Check out the new lyric video for 'Zero Fucks'!

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