Divine Weep - The Omega Man - Reviewed By Via Nocturna 2000! Wednesday May 5 2021, 8:55 PM
Divine Weep - The Omega Man - Reviewed By Via Nocturna 2000!

Divine Weep - The Omega Man - Reviewed By Via Nocturna 2000 ! Check it out here at this link: http://vianocturna2000.blogspot.com/2021/02/review-omega-man-divine-weep.html

The Divine Weep began as black metal,but this new album, The Omega Man,is already a long way from that movement. Well, there are still a couple of themes(Firestone, The Screaming Soul Of Silence, for example) where there are still remnants of this more extreme past with more aggressive vocals and blastbeats,but, in general, The Omega Man is a more heavy-oriented record,where some riffs with a clearly NWOBHM feeling are recognized. Therefore, there are familiar sounds here for those who like traditional metal, although, it does not always happen. And one of the strengths of this record is precisely that it doesn't stop long in the same place. That is, there is very interesting evolutions in the themes and carefully defined approaches that go through either by fingerings of guitars and undulating basses and ending in Castilian choirs in the final theme. [83%] - Via Nocturna 2000

Also check out the interview here at this link: http://vianocturna2000.blogspot.com/2021/04/entrevista-divine-weep.html

Divine Weep has been formed in 1995 as a black metal band. During the years of inactivity the band’s style evolved into classic heavy metal in the vein of bands like Iron Maiden and Judas Priest. The band came back to life in 2010 with new songs and new members, getting a new chance to shine among Poland’s metal scene, which resulted in a lot of gigs and two studio albums. 

FFO: Visigoth, Eternal Champion, Warrior Path

The second full-length album of Divine Weep, released 5 years after acclaimed "Tears of the Ages".
Released June 8, 2020

1. Cold As Metal

2. Journeyman

3. Firestone

4. Riders of Navia

5. The Screaming Skull of Silence

6. Walking (Through Debris of Nations)

7. Die Gelassenheit

8. Mirdea Lake

9. The Omega Man

Mateusz Drzewicz - vocals, synths
Bartosz Kosacki - guitars
Dariusz Moroz - guitars
Janusz Grabowski - bass
Dariusz Karpiesiuk - drums

Produced by Divine Weep

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Dobra 12 Studio by Piotr Polak
Additional recording at Dobra 12 Studio by Michał Kuźmicki & Mateusz Trykożko
Additional guitar & synths recording at HiGain Studio by Janusz Grabowski & Marcin Grygoruk

Artwork & layout by Dawid Boldys (Shred Perspectives Works)

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