New Music: Bürner Baptized in Gasoline (Hard Rock) Time To Kill Records Release: 30 September 2020 Monday October 19 2020, 12:00 AM
New Music: Bürner Baptized in Gasoline (Hard Rock) Time To Kill Records Release: 30 September 2020

Band Bürner
Album: Baptized in Gasoline
Label: Time To Kill Records
Release Date: 30th September, 2020
Genre: Hard Rock

“Baptized in Gasoline” is the first album by Bürner. The album was recorded  in Klockrike Sweden 2019. Mixed and mastered  in Los Angeles late 2019 and early 2020. Original release date was set 24th April but due to Covid19 it was pushed forward 5 months. The album has received very good reviews and the bands fan base is growing rapidly worldwide.

Motörhead, Ramones, Hurriganes, AC/DC, Accept and many others.

Track suggestions:
Kill You ´til You´re Dead
8 Million Reasons To Cry

Mats Thuresson , Bass and Björn Ohlson , Guitar/Vocals go way back. They played in various lineups back in the 80s. Life came along and bit them in the ass and they were put on hold for 28 years. Christmas 2017 they got together again and started writing new songs using a drum machine since they had no drummer. Eyes were set on Jan Andersson who joined the band Sept 2018 and the Powertrio was a fact.

After some rehearsal / writing sessions the band went in to the studio and recorded a few songs. A quick mix and master was made and put up on various platforms on the net. A gig at The Viper Room in L.A, Supporting Bonafide in Sweden… And the streaming of the songs went so well and after a while they were offered a record deal with Italian label Time To Kill Records. A number of already released songs plus some new material was recorded and sent to Paracosm Studios in L.A to their friend Henrik Linde. Henrik hit the nail and found the sound they were searching for and “Baptized in Gasoline” was home!

Bürner call their music : Gasoline fueled Rock with no brakes! Wich is a suitable description. High energy and lots of adrenaline. A good portion of humor and laugh goes thru everything.

Currently Bürner is doing their best to promote the release. Obviously a bit harder to do due to Covid19 restrictions. But videos, interviews and such works fine.

Band Line Up:
Mats Thuresson, Bass
Jan Andersson, Drums / Percission
Björn Ohlson, Guitar / Vocals

CD Track Listing:
1. Hey-Hey!
2. Hammerdown
3. Kill You ´til You´re Dead
4. Run Like Hell
5. Gasoline
6. Slaughter
7. The Burner
8. Don´t Fake The Ache
9. Murder
10. 8 Million Reasons To Cry
11. Rock´n´Roll
12. On The Shitlist

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