Ironbound - The Lighbringer - Reviewed By All Around Metal! Wednesday May 5 2021, 8:40 PM
Ironbound - The Lighbringer - Reviewed By All Around Metal!

Ironbound - The Lighbringer - Reviewed By All Around Metal ! Check it out here at this link:

Formed in 2014, the Polish Ironbound managed at the end of April 2021 to cross the finish line of the debut album, with this "The lightbringer", equipped with pleasant artwork made by the artist Mariusz Gandzel and composed of 8 songs, to which is added the inevitable useless intro, for a total of just over 3/4 of an hour. Ironbound takes full hands of the lesson of Iron Maiden and, in general, of all the NWOBHM bands of the 80s and bring it to the present day, thanks also to an almost perfect production (work of Daniel Arendarski) that enhances all the instruments (especially the bass!) and that shows how you can play old-style without necessarily having an anachronistic production that penalizes listening! I really have to congratulate Ironbound and those who have been involved in the recording, because they have given a lesson to so many bands who persist in wanting to play good old heavy metal recording it as if you were 40 years back in time! But let's get to the music that's what matters. For an old metallar like myself, this is ambrosia for the spirit stuffed by the years and labors, because it is like going back to the years of one's adolescence in which one had a carefree head and fed on ideals and good music. Some may point out that Ironbound do not invent anything new but, while acknowledging all this, it must be pointed out that they do it damn well and we give absolutely nothing away if they are not original, when our beloved heavy metal music is done so well! Speed metal is often and willingly bordered on (listen to the final "Beyond the horizon"!), with spooky rhythms imposed by excellent drummer Adam Całka, excellently followed by Zbigniew Bizoń's pulsating bass and razor-sharp guitars by axemen pair Michał Halamoda/Krzysztof Całka. To be picky, perhaps Łukasz Krauze's voice looks a little too much like blaze Bayley's which, for some old metalhead (like myself for example), may not be a point in favor. For the rest this "The lightbringer" has fully satisfied me and I very much hope to be able to listen to a new record of these Ironbound, a promising Polish group! - 4/5 - All Around Metal

Band: Ironbound
Album: "The Lighbringer"
Country: Poland
Genre: Traditional Heavy Metal
Label: Ossuary Records
Premiere: April 30th 2021

FFO: Midnight Dice, Traveler, Iron Flame

If there was any chance for a NWOBHM-inspired band to come into life in the heart of Polish Silesia, then it happened in 2014 in Rybnik. Three friends, one goal: heavy metal. Zbigniew, Adam and Krzysztof took the prosperous guitarist, Michał, under their wings and formed IRONBOUND. After recruiting Bartosz to take over vocal duties they record their first EP – „She Devil”. They started to follow this direction, even though Bartosz decided to exit the speedy train not long after releasing the EP. However, on their adventure course the band members were quickly approached by Łukasz and the and became stronger than ever with the new lead singer. „The Witch Hunt / Lifesblood” single from 2018 was a harbinger of what a band was going to deliver – their first full album „The Lightbringer” will have its premiere on April 30th 2021 and it’s sure to assuage the hunger of every metal maniac craving for some good, oldschool NWOBHM vibes.

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Line up: 
Łukasz Krauze – vocals 
Michał Halamoda – guitars 
Krzysztof Całka – guitar 
Zbigniew Bizoń – bass
Adam Całka - drums

Album credits:

Produced by Ironbound 

Mix & master by Daniel Arendarski

Cover art by Mariusz Gandzel

Album artwork.jpg

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