BEYOND MAN set release date for long-awaited THE SINISTER FLAME debut album Wednesday May 5 2021, 6:50 PM
BEYOND MAN set release date for long-awaited THE SINISTER FLAME debut album

On June the 21st internationally,  The Sinister Flame  is proud to present the self-titled debut album from  Beyond Man  on CD and vinyl LP formats. On the brightest day of the year, we bring you darkness!

Indeed, good things come to those who wait, but the best things are announced by a sulfurous stench, as in diabolic apparitions. Dormant for over a decade,  Beyond Man  has been awakened like an ancient curse from an old and sandy burial ground. In an epoch of records in which resounds the dull embellished atmosphere of a cozy bedroom,  Beyond Man 's self-titled album smells of old amplifiers drenched in rotten blood, ash and whisky, the reek of a cave I dare you to enter, where the frustrations of a group of Satanic cowboys take sonic form together with their zealot visions and nightmares, veiled by a truly ferocious and sinister aura.

Call it black metal if you wish, or envision Morbid Angel sitting down with Black Sabbath and listening to Norwegian black metal while sharing a bottle of red wine followed by straight shots of heavy smoked whisky. Nidrosian Black Metal at its very finest, straight from the source!

First track premiere to be revealed shortly. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Beyond Man's  Beyond Man
1. Intro [1:26]
2. Helel Ben Sahar [5:46]
3. Art Beyond Man [6:06]
4. World Without End [6:25]
5. Ave Usera [6:08]
6. The World Encircler [7:18]


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