New Promo: Insane - Wait and Pray - (Italian Thrash Metal) Sunday May 2 2021, 9:37 PM
New Promo: Insane - Wait and Pray - (Italian Thrash Metal)

The cult album " Wait and Pray " from the Italian thrash metal band ' Insane' will be reissued by High Roller Records in 2021 along with the unreleased " Insolent Aggression " from the first incarnation of the band known as ' Slaves' . The remastered editions by Patrick W. Engel ( Temple of Disharmony ) will be real collector's items featuring new cover artworks by Velio Josto and will be enriched with new original material like bonus tracks from early demos and photos previously unseen. Pre-orders for both CD and vinyl versions will open soon.

Release date is October 29th and pre-orders start September 17th!

FFO: Slayer, Midnight, Bewitcher

Check out the original version below released April 5, 2005!

HRR 818 INSANE Wait and Pray SHOP.jpg

HRR 819 SLAVES Insolent Aggression SHOP.jpg

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