PRISON CITY BRIGADE: Rough Skeletons - Reviewed By Hard Rock Info! Friday April 30 2021, 12:14 PM
PRISON CITY BRIGADE: Rough Skeletons - Reviewed By Hard Rock Info!

PRISON CITY BRIGADE: Rough Skeletons - Reviewed By Hard Rock Info ! Check it out here at this link:

This band formed in 2013, and released their first EP, "The Corner Of Debauchery and Nowhere", in 2015. In March 2017 their first full length, "War On Boredom", was released, which included re-recordings of the EP as well as new songs. A second album, "Trials Of Survival", came out in August 2018. And it seems like their third full length, "Rough Skeletons", was released in February 2020. Some songs are some kind of alternative rock or possibly post punk, while some are more like punk rock or pop punk. Sing-along choirs are nothing unusual in these 9 songs. And they have some good stuff here, even though everything isn't so interesting. I like some of the punk songs. - Hard Rock Info

Started in 2013 by Eddie Cavanaugh, Prison City Brigade has been making a name for themselves boasting as a “dysfunctional family” for the outcasts, rebellious, and broken. Releasing their first EP, “The Corner Of Debauchery and Nowhere”, in 2015 the band set forth to establish their name across the Chicagoland and surrounding areas going as far as playing the 20th anniversary of “Bowl Bash” at Skatopia in Rutland, OH. This event pushed them further, making them hungrier for more; and in March of 2017 they released their first full length album, “War On Boredom”, which included re-recorded songs from their ep as well as new tracks making a statement and showcasing their punk influence as a whole.

2018 saw even more growth for the band as they evolved in not only their sound with the addition of lead guitarist, Zach Roberts, but their musical reach adding blazing lead guitar riffs as well as melodic vocals showing a maturing sound for the band’s growth. By late August the band released their second full length album, “Trials Of Survival” which capitalized on a concept storyline shadowing the battles of one’s own good and evil waged everyday on a mental plain. The success of this album helped Prison City Brigade walk away with three “Radio Roach Awards” in 2018 for; “Best Punk/Hardcore Band 2018”, “Best Punk/Hardcore Album 2018”, and the “2018 Album Of The Year”.

Spending the majority of 2019 promoting “Trials Of Survival”, the band held onto a secret that they were in the studio vigorously working on a follow up album. Taking elements from both “War On Boredom” and “Trials Of Survival” the band released their first single, “Failure By Design” in November of 2019 and their third, and most acclaimed to date album, “Rough Skeletons” in February 2020. This album has shown a mature sound almost distant from their early beginnings and with the messages in their music they look to expand their reach and showcase their all around “something for everyone” sound and music to further reaches than they have ever dreamed.

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