The Metal Music Database on Whatgear for Rock fans Monday April 26 2021, 5:32 PM
The Metal Music Database on Whatgear for Rock fans

Whatgear music is a database that lists the great musicians of our modern era and the equipment they use to create, record, produce, and perform their music. Music of the 20th and 21th century has evolved over the years, and it has included so many genres of music. Whatgear lists some of the metal music instruments used by popular musicians. It is mostly artists in the rock and pop genres that produce metal music. 

Metal music is loud and aggressive, and there are many people who enjoy this type of music. The genre includes individuals, but it includes mostly bands. There are bands that make the best use of metal instruments, and musicians like Jeff Beck and Steve Vai are professionals in this genre.  

Fender Stratocaster Electric Guitar

Out of all the electric guitars, a  Fender Stratocaster  is a great fit. This is a metal instrument that Jeff Beck uses. The guitar has a high-class tone, and it is very smooth and comfortable. It comprises of two types-- the Fender Strat Plus Series and the Fender Custom Classic Series. Many American Stratocasters have been produced from this electric guitar. It took 12 years to produce the Strat Plus, and that’s why it’s such an instrument with special features. The Strat Ultra had some extra pickup variations, and an ebony fingerboard was also created. 

The Fender Custom Classic Series has a combination of vintage and modern features of the Strats guitar. It includes components such as three modern classic pickups, and it has the bridge pickup surrounded by a copper wire. 

Metal Music and its style 

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Metal musicians admit that classical composers are inspirational to their musical journey. As much as metal music has its unique style, it has some inspiration from classical music. Some of these musicians compose styles such as heavy metal and rock. Heavy metal music is louder and more aggressive than other styles of rock music. Usually, musicians would use more than one guitar and add extra drums. 

Rock Instruments listed on Whatgear 

Whatgear music  lists a couple of drums and keyboards used by rock and metal artists. The sounds are loud and powerful. They use more effective instruments and equipment than other musicians. The equipment sounds powerful and rhythmic. For instance, Chris Cornell uses the Radial JR-5 Remote for live performances. Being a multi-switch remote control, the Radial JR-5 was designed for the Radial JX44 Air Control wireless guitar. It was also designed for the stage amp switcher. This remote consists of 5 footswitches that are used to select amplifiers and instruments. 


The Ludwig Amber Vistalite Drumkit is a great drumkit for rock performances on stage. John Bonham uses this drumkit during live performances. The drums come in massive sizes, and they have an attractive amber colour. John Bonham is popularly known for using this instrument, and he has a signature set in his name. 

Bass Guitars 

Whatgear lists the Schecter Ultracore VI as one of the bass drums. The Schecter Ultracore VI is used by Robert Smith, a bassist. He, just like  John Bonham , has a signature bass guitar to his name. It has a bridge pickup, middle pickup, and neck pickup. It comes in variations of colours similar to silver. The material of this guitar is Mahogany. Another bass instrument includes the Vintage Fender Precision Bass used by Mac Miller. This bass guitar has four strings, a maple fingerboard, a one-piece 20-fret maple neck, and a single split-coil humbucking pickup. This guitar cannot be easily transported, unlike other bass guitars. 

Metal music has been appreciated for many years, and the instruments and equipment are all valuable for the genre. Appreciating metal music, especially rock is golden because the work put into it reflects in the music produced.

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