Cynik Scald - Darkness And Light - Reviewed By Concert Monkey! Saturday April 24 2021, 3:58 PM
Cynik Scald - Darkness And Light - Reviewed By Concert Monkey!

Cynik Scald - Darkness And Light - Reviewed By Concert Monkey ! Check it out here at this link:

I like the puns that are far-fetched, especially long (hair, as in many metalheads), but there... The hairdresser must live far away! You take the name of the band and you cut it (like the hair) in 2-1: -'Cy' for Cyprus, or Cyprus where the musicians are settled, -'nik' or rather 'Niké' not in the sense of depth but for the Greek goddess of victory, - 'Scald' names a Viking poet and a Moscow metal band of the 90s and recently reformed. Oh yes anyway! Add to this that the members all come from a different country and they sing in both Russian and English see the two together... The 5th major: Ivan, born in Russia but Viking at heart (he says the guy!) - Founder, lead singer, songwriter, "Death", unknown biker from Nevada (he says it!) - Keyboards, harmonica and choirs, Kazuchiza "Kaz", a Japanese on guitar, Azra, a Turkish on guitar, Jean, a French bassist. Are you still following? Me, it reminds me of the 7 mercenaries or 8 bastards (planned replacements them!) ... but the drummer... Where's the drummer? A big shy? Zallez not tell me he's hiding in a box? The band began composing in 2018 and released the album 'Aged Spirit' for (Merry) Christmas 2019 or so , recorded by Slavic Selin and mastered by Thomas Plec Johansson: 1. Cynik 2. Angel 3. Storm 4. My God 5. Asgard 6. Last Dragon 7. When The Sun Goes Down 8. Silent Rainbow 9. Can Dance Without you and then 3 new tracks hit singles: 'Lullaby' in November, 'City of Nemesis' in January and 'Darkness and light' in March (Attacks!). The flamboyant logo consists of the 2 words of their name, merged into a species of bird/spaceship with the emblem of Queensryche (which itself is inspired by a falcon). We will go back for the colors, the jacket, made by Anatoly Volkov, accepts only black and white! A photo of a man, framed between hairy chin and bloused torso, reveals a muscular fist loosening a shiny tie and hinting at a kind of mesh odds (under suit). Besides the visual, the album surprises with its variations in a joyful weird and wacky bazaar. A guttural voice sings 'Cynik' in Russian but the surprise comes mainly from the alternation of the groove wha wha verses and the chorus to the Viking armor. 'Angel' combines 2 voices, the previous dominant voice and a second, clearer and melodious voice. The result sparkles on a chorus trending chorus choirs of the Red Army with some hints of cartoonish treble. The musical background clings to a wobbly rhythm of quality. 'Storm' invites Urban Breed (singer of Serious Black and Project Arcadia, and former singer of Bloodbound and Tad Morose) as a counterpoint to Ivan's grain in a storm at sea. The song, released as a single (October 2020), flies the pirate flag 'Jolly Roger'. He does not hesitate to slip a passage of "Drunken Sailor" in the huge waves. The rhythm and riffs jerk like the attacks of the breaking blades. Once is not custom, 'My God' starts with a riff first aerial and then 6 feet underground ... supported by a guttural song but you're happy anyway (if you grumble). The battery gets better on the double-pedal. Then the two voices parade sometimes playing in double seduction and sometimes turning the ball over. A hell of a set of complicity! July 2020 saw the release of Asgard' for the holidays... without David and Jonathan, whew! The guitar, full of effects, skids in the corners. An alarm warns of danger from overwhelming low/battery alerts. The electrifying atmosphere leaves the riff on the keyboard before a cross-center solo. The Viking chorus picks up manly ohohohs looking for their place in the world (sic). 'Last dragon' or 'Drakon' walks us in an icy landscape of great beauty and Siberian (but it's something!). The keyboards swell into violins and envelop the beautiful warm crooner voice that rolls the 'r' words on a roller coaster. 'When the sun goes down' rings the time for harmonica and motorcycle riding, 'Death' and Ivan are fond of it. The bluesy track prolongs the sound of the engine (head), integrated as an instrument. The voice scratches as much as the beard of the bikers. The texts? A real allegory about Harley! it smells like an aperitif at the water's edge... A keyboard with a flute sound adds a light color to the 'Silent Rainbow'. The guitar takes on a rusty hue and the vocals maintain its abrasive grey-black style. Surprising mix where Cynik Scald manages to build a beautiful catchy melody thanks to a second aerial voice. A rolling bass and a harmonious keyboard finish thickening the binder. 'Can Dance Without you' mixes 2 languages with brass and a voice that could have been that of Udo Dirkschneider. The rhythm struck or syncopated can be reminiscent of Goran Bregovi. A baffling ballet as well as captivating! For the recent sequel: 'Lullaby' unrolls an epic-inspired protective love song, 'City of Nemesis' seeks the depth of a luxurious melodeath, 'Darkness and light' passes at the speed of symphonic metal speed. It looks like metal coming out of the foundry with pretty random shapes not yet polished and this raw side has a lot of charm. Eclecticism, simplicity, friendships, multi-nationalities, a playful thing that lets go and does not take the lead! - Concert Monkey

Cynik Scald 's single ' Darkness and Light ' combines furious strength and incredible tenderness. By sound it's close to Brothers of metal , Orden Ogan , Mygrain . The combination of two vocals reflects the battle between demon and angel, darkness and light in a human's soul on the edge between life and death, faith and despair.

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CYNIK SCALD is a multicultural Heavy Metal/Melodic Metal/PowerMetal/Metalcore band with their own original lyrics and music. Cynik Scald’s music has its own sound which can be described as an exciting mixture of heavy metal and folk songs with a pinch of industrial/power metal and a flavor of Viking Metal/DeathMetalcore tunes. Their music is similar to CREMATORY, MUDVAYNE, GHOST, ALESTORM, AMON AMARTH and some vibes of LAMB OF GOD, MOTÖRHEAD.

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