Jon Marom Project - INFINITY TIME - Added To 360° : The Best Indie Music Spotify Playlist! Tuesday April 13 2021, 10:08 PM
Jon Marom Project - INFINITY TIME - Added To 360° : The Best Indie Music Spotify Playlist!

Jon Marom Project - INFINITY TIME - Added To 360° : The Best Indie Music Spotify Playlist ! Check it out here at this link:

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LLEIDA, SPAIN, February 16, 2021 -- Juan Pedro Romero Martínez, is the real name of Jon Marom Project.

He was born in Lleida (Spain) on November 25, 1979. Guitarist known for playing in Metal bands such as Plowshare and Blindpoint.

He lived his childhood in the Pardinyes neighborhood. He started playing guitar in high school at the age of 17. He quickly joined the ranks of the Khru-bai gang.

Years later in 2005 he became part of the Lleida thrash metal band Plowshare, winning several local competitions and with whom he toured the Spanish state playing about 100 bowls and sharing the stage with great international bands such as Sepultura, Napalm Death, Primal Fear, Ratos de Porao, Avalanch, Su ta Gar ...

In 2018 he became a definitive part with Blindpoint, a band that is also a speaker with great projection with which they have recorded their first album "Through the ashes of life" at the end of 2019. Currently in 2020 he has just announced his personal project.

The Project begins to take shape in early 2020 with the composition of various songs for the achievement of a record. However, he decides before such a release to debut first with 2 songs in single format under the stage name Jon Marom (Jon (Juan) Mar (Martínez) Rom (Romero)). The single titled INFINITY TIME consists of two songs: 'Infinity Time' and 'Saturated (Sleep Paralysis)' 

Composed, recorded, written, mixed and produced by himself. Sung by different singers:

Infinity Time is sung by Atlanta American rapper King Marino  and Mastered by the great Ted Jensen  at the Nashville studios, Sterling Sound.

Saturated is Sung by British Mr Maph  (Michael Harding) from London and by Nigerian singer BamBam. This song is mastered by UE Nastasi Also at Sterling Sound Studios but at the other New York venue.

They are 2 songs sung by different singers, but they share a rap line, despite the fact that the music is not in its pure and simple format. As for music, Jon has managed to fuse an electronic air base in terms of rhythm, keyboards or other effects, along with metal guitars that have characterized him so much in his career.

The Launch was on January 30, 2021.

According to Jon, “Infinity Time Single explains and describes as a situation in life, Which can last a few seconds, can be turned into eternal time. A valuable time from which the subject asks thousands of questions and thousands of doubts arise in order to resolve a bitter situation”.

“The 2 songs with very different themes merge in their deepest content. They have the same background that could be both optimistic and pessimistic. During the resolution process, death is always present, death that can lead you to live infinite time” explains Jon.

“The concepts we have of life and death are interchanged. Life is death and death is life. A death that is going to come at some point or another and that will never end unlike the life that will. We live a life trapped by many external circumstances from which we cannot escape in a period of time which
we cannot control, cannot be stopped, when time stops (we die) we will have reached infinite time (Death)”

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