SNĚŤ premiere new track at Tuesday March 30 2021, 8:03 PM
SNĚŤ premiere new track at

Today, Czech death monolith  Sněť  premiere the new track   "Zamrzlý Vrch"   at heavily trafficked web-portal . The track is   the second to be revealed   from the band's highly anticipated debut album,   Mokvání V Okovech , set for international release on May 14th via  Blood Harvest Records  on CD and vinyl LP formats; the cassette version will be handled by Lycanthropic Chants in Europe and Headsplit Records in the US. Featuring guest vocals by David Mikkelsen (Undergang, Phrenelith, Ulcerot, Wormridden), hear  Sněť 's "Zamrzlý Vrch" in its entirety exclusively   HERE .

Hailing from Prague,  Sněť  formed in the beginning of 2018 with a specific aim: rotten and crushing DEATH METAL in the vein of bands like Undergang, Funebrarum, Autopsy, and Carcass, but adding their own view to the style. Imperative to the five members of  Sněť  is placing equal emphasis on the punkish parts and crushing ones, with the sick melodies of doom-death swept across the whole thing. The five-piece released a two-song promo recording in April 2019, and preparations were underway for a new EP to follow; however, drummer Krütorr broke his leg right before the recording session and and then the Covid19 pandemic started, so the band decided to write more music and release a full-length instead.

Recorded during late 2020,  Mokvání V Okovech  is everything a first   Sněť  full-length should be: utterly CRUSHING, grimy 'n' ghastly DEATH METAL of a most mandatory order. Drenched in absolutely head-caving production, each tendril of sickness and slime enwrap the listener and refuse to relent. The deft shifts between mid-tempo lurch and up-tempo gallop lend an aspect that’s catchy as it is hypnotic, with dread-inducing melodies often bubbling up from the primordial muck. Likewise, when the doom hits, it hits HARD, pushing that listener deeper into the abyss and inspiring nightmares anew. Across the album’s swift, nearly 30-minute runtime,   Sněť  proudly uphold the banner of death metal, nodding to the aforementioned bands but definitely putting their own ugly stamp on this enduring artform.

Graced with hauntingly psychedelic cover art courtesy of Tomáš Mitura, perfectly matching form with content,   Sněť  deliver one of the year’s deadliest death metal debut albums with  Mokvání V Okovech!

Hear for yourself with the brand-new track "Zamrzlý Vrch" exclusively   HERE , courtesy of Also hear the previously revealed "Kůň Kadaver"   HERE   at   Blood Harvest 's Bandcamp. Preorder info for the CD version can be found   HERE , for the vinyl version   HERE , and for the vinyl bundle   HERE . Aforementioned cover art and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Sněť's  Mokvání V Okovech
1. Útes Mrtvol
2. Kůň Kadaver
3. Princip Křížení
4. Demon
5. Zamrzlý Vrch
6. Folivor
7. Sakrofag
8. Vesmírná Saliva


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