The Infernal Path To Total Darkness Saturday January 21 2017, 2:36 PM
The Infernal Path To Total Darkness

released October 31, 2013 

All songs produced, written, and recorded by Order of Leviathan and Zak Denham. 
Recorded, Mixed, & Mastered by Zak Denham at One by One Studios. 
Additional Musicians: Tom King, Zak Denham, Emily Low, and AJ Lucas.

The few years that we have devoted to this collective, this cult, have become all that we will ever be devoted to, for the remainder of our lives. There is no sense of accomplishment nor reward in what we are doing, only the blessing of death. We simply exist to appease and connect to the untouched realm beyond our hollow and unsatisfied world. Through art and ritual we express our message of Satanism, Chaos, Misanthropy, Freedom, Liberation and Death.

There is no fulfillment nor glory at the end of our path. We do not do this with the hopes of success and fame, we create this music, this art, because we must. We are not the mass of sheep that are distracted by false promise of happiness, as they await the inevitable slaughter. We are the Cult Ov Wolves, we are Order of Leviathan.


  • Nathan Bowling | vocals, guitar
  • Levi Crandall | guitar
  • Derrek Tipton | guitar
  • Dustin Rawlings | bass guitar
  • John Hardy | drums

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