Inception Of Eternity - Last Exit To The Past - Reviewed At Rock Portaal! Sunday March 28 2021, 7:45 AM
Inception Of Eternity - Last Exit To The Past - Reviewed At Rock Portaal!

Inception Of Eternity - Last Exit To The Past - Reviewed At Rock Portaal ! Check it out here at this link:

Uptempo gothic rock in a subtle mix with symphonic metal.

The second album of Inception Of Eternity conducted by singer SINtana and singer Ken Pike. The entire album has no less than fifteen songs and lasts longer than an hour. From The Evil Inside has short raw guitar riffs and heavy drum beats. The vocals bring gloom and there is a good dose of electronics in the music. With Blunt Blade it becomes tighter, but the input of the keyboard parts is also considerably increased. On top of that the band then pours some heavy guitar riffs and choirs.

The first album was a surprising introduction to this band, but the members also convince on the second album. The melodic The Cradle Of Darkness has been released as a single, it is a beautiful symphonic song with clear vocals and dark guitar lines. Wrong Savior also relies heavily on the dark guitar. And so more songs follow, Shame And Fears, One Day, Sacrifice, all dark ominous songs.

With the title track Last Exit To The Past it gets a little less dark. The emphasis is more on the symphonic side than on the gothic rock. The vocals are a bit clearer but the choirs remain. The album closes with the beautiful Swan Song in which the tempo has been reduced and fragile vocals fan out above a minimal instrumental accompaniment. As the song swells, the drums and guitars get stronger and the song gets a bit heavier. - Rock Portaal

Inception Of Eternity: kick off 2021 with new single, new video, new album! 

With the song "The Cradle of Darkness" Inception Of Eternity release the first track of their second studio album. Singer SINtana leads the listener through the uptempo gothic rock song with her versatile and distinctive voice, giving "The Cradle of Darkness" a unique and powerful expression with the mix of angelic background and dirty rock lead vocals. The single will be available to stream or download from all major online stores on February 21, 2021. The official video is available on YouTube now!

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More singles and album teasers on YouTube:


Inception Of Eternity - Teaser - The Cradle of Darkness


Inception Of Eternity - Introducing Marc Vanderberg (Lead Guitar)


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About the new album:

With the second studio album "Last Exit to the Past" mastermind Thorsten Eligehausen created a 15 track strong, musically extremely varied and genre-spanning album, without losing sight of the reference to the characteristic gothic rock elements. Quiet tones are as much an integral part of the album as rough and rocky compositions. Singer Ken Pike and vocalist SINtana take the listener on a musical journey with their extraordinary voices that is second to none.

"The creation process was - due to the two new contributing musicians SINtana and Marc Vanderberg - definitely more diverse. It was always interesting to hear how musicians of other styles listen to the demo of a song and what they then contribute to it, or how you understand their part", says Eligehausen.

"Last Exit to the Past" will be released on March 26, 2021 and is available as a CD in digipack, for download and also on all known streaming services. The presale of the album starts in selected stores parallel to the release of the single release "The Cradle of Darkness" on 21.02.2021.

Various merchandise articles of Inception of Eternity are also available via the store on darkSIGN-music.


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