AntiMozdeBeast - The Ritual Industrial Metal Tuesday March 23 2021, 7:42 PM
AntiMozdeBeast - The Ritual Industrial Metal

Artist:  AntiModzeBeast
Album:  The Ritual EP
Genre:  Industrial Metal/Electronic/Experimental
City, Country:  Florida, USA
Independent Release

Release date:  April 23rd, 2021

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Enter the underground project   AntiMozdeBeast   with their latest offering 'The Ritual', a chaotic journey that explores the worlds of metal, harsh electronics, and macabre rituals that come together to leave a lasting imprint on your mind. Being the solo project of Gabriel Palacio, this is about self-expression above all else, which is not only noted by the unusual sound but also embodied by Gabriel himself within his pointed lyrics and aloof punk attitude towards self-promotion on social media. You are not only invited to listen to this new EP, but you are also invited to explore the psyche of an individual tormented by a life of hardship and a world of corruption. Whether you can relate or are simply a witness, The Ritual will definitely be unlike anything you've heard so far this year, it's unique - it's underground. 

Artwork By:   Sludgework
Every track was written recorded and produced by  AntiMozdeBeast

About AntiMozdeBeast:

AntiMozdeBeast was created by its founding and only member Gabriel Palacio. Gabriel was born on June 6 th , 1985 with congenital heart disease. He had his first open-heart surgery at age three (1988). Gabriel picked up his first instrument at age 15 and has been dedicated to his art since. Gabriel’s Mother was the youngest daughter of 21 children. Her and several sisters dedicated their lives to religion and became nuns. Gabriel’s Mother left religion behind to move to America and marry her husband. Together they raised two children Chris and Gabriel. A few months prior to Gabriel’s second open-heart surgery at age 30 (2015) his brother passed away due to an accidental death. AntiMozdeBeast was created in the year 2019.

AntiMozdeBeast’s message is directed towards the exposing of corruption of Religion, Politics, And Society. AntiMozdeBeast uses his platform to awaken the minds of everyone to inspire new thought, idea, and revelation.

Gabriel was born in Queens NY in 1985. By the age of 18 he has been dealing with mental and psychological disorders. His brother had struggles with drug addiction, which has taught Gabriel to never stray away from his art and commit his being to his art as opposed to drug addiction.

Being raised in an extremely religious family. AntiMozdeBeast has learned his own adaptation of God, Good and Evil, and The Afterlife, which he portrays throughout his artform.

AntiMozdeBeast tries to incorporate sounds from several genres. AntiMozdeBeast uses a language in his poetry that is not very commonly found in electronic music. His poetry tries to incorporate a new language for the metal scene. Gabriel has learned to create a new form of expression when it comes to lyrics. And diligently incorporates his words to a new meaning.

With inspiration derived from NIN Rob Zombie Skinny Puppy CygnosiC and more, AntiMozdeBeast finds his music on a balance of sound, noise, and Metal.

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