PLAGUEWIELDER: Cvlt Nation Premieres “Forever We Shall Be” From Ohio Black Metal Act; Covenant Death Sees Release Through Disorder Recordings Next Week Tuesday March 23 2021, 7:30 PM
PLAGUEWIELDER: Cvlt Nation Premieres “Forever We Shall Be” From Ohio Black Metal Act; Covenant Death Sees Release Through Disorder Recordings Next Week

As Ohio black metal outfit  PLAGUEWIELDER  prepares to release their third album,  Covenant Death , through Disorder Recordings late next week, Cvlt Nation is hosting the premiere of the record’s “Forever We Shall Be.”


Expanding on the sounds captured on previous releases,  PLAGUEWIELDER  has formed into a pulverizing force on  Covenant Death . The album was  engineered, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Jeff Wilson (Chrome Waves, Deeper Graves), who also joins vocalist/guitarist  Bryce Seditz and drummer Tim Roberts  on the record, providing bass, additional guitars, and synth, along with  Steve Lehocky (Doctor Smoke, Infestuous)   who provides additional guitars.  The cover art was painted by  Jef Whitehead (Leviathan, Lurker Of Chalice) and the layout handled by Wilson.


“This is another song that was written and recorded on the spot in an hour or so,  PLAGUEWIELDER ’s  Bryce Seditz reveals of “At Night They Roam.” He continues, “I'm beginning to think these are the best ones. This was the last song written for  Covenant Death  when thinking of a closer for the album. It had to have a grandiose vibe from the get. I had a very easy time incorporating clean singing to this one. The voice was easy to find, and it fit very well. The lyrics are very special to me: ‘This is for the ones that have fallen short. This is for the ones who show no remorse. Gods kill and so do we. Feeble fucking human beings.’"


Cvlt Nation writes, “Their songs soar and have an intense spectre that swirls around them.”


Stream PLAGUEWIELDER’s “ Forever We Shall Be” first exclusively at Cvlt Nation  RIGHT HERE .


Covenant Death  will see release on CD and digital via  Disorder Recordings next Friday, April 2nd. Find preorders  HERE .


Hailing from the economic wasteland in the Southeastern sector of Ohio,  PLAGUEWIELDER  is an extreme metal power duo . With a sound that embodies  the misery of our times, the band has been an underground force that has taken them all over the East Coast spreading filth and grime to anyone brave enough to bear witness.


Released in 2015, the debut LP  Succumb To The Ash  captures the bleakness and grime of the decaying mill towns they hail from. Their second album  Surrender To The Void  was released three years later on Fragile Branch Records. Departing from the doom-laden influences,  PLAGUEWIELDER  took the self-destructiveness and self-harming behavior to another level. In June 2019, the band released the  Suffering From Self Inflicted Wounds  EP, easily their most visceral, pummeling, and pissed off release.


Now, 2021 sees  PLAGUEWIELDER  delivering their third full-length album,  Covenant Death . Expanding on the sounds captured on previous releases, the album blends black metal, post-rock, goth, and death metal into an original and pulverizing force not to be fucked with.  Covenant Death  is the expressions of sadness through suffering and the anger that follows closely behind.


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