Dormanth - “Complete Downfall” - Reviewed By World Of Metal! Sunday March 21 2021, 4:41 PM
Dormanth - “Complete Downfall” - Reviewed By World Of Metal!

Dormanth - “Complete Downfall” - Reviewed By World Of Metal ! Check it out here at this link:

This is a type of sound that enters me directly, without pimples. The Spaniards Dormanth are masters in combining weight and melody (they have been doing it since 1993 - discounting the career break, but with some members being part of In Thousand Lakes, this idea of ​​experience is reinforced), fitting in in that spectrum of melodic death / doom (here more death than doom) that did wonders in the second half of the nineties - and no, I am not referring exclusively to the Swedish sound. It is also a good representation of how when you have a powerful, modern production, but which is also suitable for sound, you are halfway there. And in this case, power fits like a glove in this group of more immediate and shorter but highly effective themes. Addiction for those who are hungover from a good melodic death. - 9/10 - World Of Metal

The legendary Spanish melodic Death Metal band DORMANTH, presents “Beyond The Gates” as third and last advance single from their 4th album to be entitled "Complete Downfall", which will be released in December 15th, 2020 through Xtreem Music on CD format.

You can watch the video here:


"Complete Downfall" contains 11 songs where the double bass drums, melodies and catchy choruses prevail in many of the songs along with other mid tempo tunes, continuing with their traditional style of melodic Death Metal influenced by bands like PARADISE LOST, AMORPHIS, AMON AMARTH, IN FLAMES, INSOMNIUM...


Tracklist for "Complete Downfall" is as follows:

01. Dreamcatcher
02. Fire
03. Tragicomic Day
04. Beyond the Gates
05. Odyssey in Time
06. The Origin
07. Dark Times For the God's Creation
08. -273º K
09. Brainstorm
10. Crystal Bone
11. Bloody Scars

Release date for "Complete Downfall" will be December 15th, 2020 through Xtreem Music on CD format. You can visit DORMANTH's official site here:
and listen to the 1st advance single on the following link:
“Fire” 1st single:

“Tragicomic Day” video clip:

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