Luna 13 - Interviewed By The Pit - Last Words! Thursday March 18 2021, 6:01 PM
Luna 13 - Interviewed By The Pit - Last Words!

Luna 13 - Interviewed By The Pit - Last Words ! Check it out here at this link!


A compelling marriage of black metal aesthetic, bass-heavy electronica, and industrial antagonism, Luna 13 utilize programmed drum beats and the growl of frontwoman Lilith Bathory to put down digital darkness on wax. - Knotfest

LUNA 13 have found a unique sound, drawing from black metal, industrial and electronica for a sound that is uniquely theirs. Driven by bright synths, heavy bass and a drum machine beat and rounded out by growled vocals, LUNA 13 create a soundtrack for their own personal horror film—which is exactly what they do with the visual accompaniment. - DECIBEL Magazine

LUNA 13 video for The Beast Within will be released on ONLYFANS on 2/27/21. This will be too much for YouTube so get your OF account ready! - Doc Luna

The uncensored video will be released 2/27/21 at


Known for their theatrical live show consisting of black masks and devil horns, LUNA13, Black/Bass/Metal is one of the more unique and adventurous blackened electronica outfits that emerged in 2015. LUNA13’s brutal yet groove based electro-metal incorporates elements of Bass Music and Black Metal. LUNA13 has managed to create a whole new metal sound using Acid and Saw Bass.  

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