SEIDE Auakistla Release date: Tuesday, January 26th 2021 Tuesday March 16 2021, 8:15 PM
SEIDE Auakistla  Release date: Tuesday, January 26th 2021

Label: Throats Productions
Format: Digital | CD
Genre: Black Metal
Country: France

Here comes the darkness through the highly anticipated third album of the french black metallers Seide.

Since 2007, Seide has not followed any rules apart from its own. Born as a trio, a dark emanation inspired by the original Samael, the Parisian entity is evolving fast. From their first self-produced mini-album Dogma (2009), the now quartet has proven to be capable of alternating rapid tempos and discordant complaints. A singular, racy mixture of black metal 'secondwave' 90 s and doom and thrash hints with a timeless patina. This free horde became a quintet with the addition of a second guitarist sharpening its weapons on a first warrior LP, Here Is No Truth released in 2011 (Unlight - Drakkar Productions). Naar Zeroth becomes the new drummer and permanently inscribes his strength and influences.
It took six years to give birth to a second and more ambitious album Beyond The Fallacy in 2017, pushing further the stylistic forays already present in the first album. The distinguished guests bring an incredible touch: Kvarforth of Shining on vocals on the epic “Ångest”, Blasphemer of Aura Noir / ex-Mayhem on solos and Louise Leverd on cello on the haunting “Les Nuits Sans Lune” (Moonless nights). A true maestria emerges from this second effort, produced once again at the Hybreed Studio (Glorior Belli, Temple Of Baal, Arkhon Infaustus, Monolith…).
Three years later, Seide returns with Auakistla, "drought" in Náhuatl, an ancient pre-Columbian language whose culture is dear to the band. A striking third episode in its declared war against dogma. Once again a quartet, the band refocuses on the essential, digests its influences to deliver an incandescent charge. French has become the main language on this album with dark roots, a monolith of blackness bursting into the future. The texts are always chiseled and sarcastic, the riffing in the service of the subject, cursed psalm declaimed, belched or whispered by the ambivalent Count D. The immersive experience is accentuated by the participation of ZarC (Enemy Of The Enemy) on the saxophone on “La Danse des Pendus” and “Sécheresse”.
This opus was recorded at the Hybreed Studio and mixed/mastered by Julien Hovelaque (Ave Tenebrae, L'Éclat du Déclin) and distils deceptive melodies under the thread of a glowing red blade, driven by a band at the top of its power.
Recorded with Andrew Guillotin at Groovy Studio (Paris, Fr.)  (Glorior Belli, Temple Of Baal, Arkhon Infaustus, Monolith...)
Bass on tracks 1.2.4 engineered by Gewn Kerjan @ Slab Sound Studio (
Mixed & mastered by Julien Hovelaque (Ave Tenebrae, L'Éclat du Déclin,...)

1. Les Repus d'Avant l'Apocalypse
2. Exécrable Créature
3. La Bête Humaine
4. La Danse des Pendus​
5. Feu De Joie
6. Noche Triste
7. Insectes​
8. Sécheresse

Count D.- vocals
Shub Niggurath – guitars
Wotan - bass
Naar Zeroth – drums

Guest appearances - ZarC (Enmy of the Enemy) – saxophone on "Sécheresse" & "La Danse des Pendus".

Music by Seide / All Art by Seide (SHUB NIGGURATH)

For fans of Infestus, Koldbrann, Shining...


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