Vinyl Me, Please announces Metal Blade vinyl box set: limited edition 'VMP Anthology: The Story of Metal Blade' Tuesday March 16 2021, 8:12 PM
Vinyl Me, Please announces Metal Blade vinyl box set: limited edition 'VMP Anthology: The Story of Metal Blade'

Vinyl Me, Please (VMP) today, in partnership with  Revolver Magazine , has announced  VMP Anthology: The Story of   Metal   Blade  - a limited-edition, exclusive, immersive box set that charts the ferocious journey of  Metal   Blade  Records' deep catalog of the most cutting, powerful  metal  albums of all time. This commemorative Anthology charts the evolution of  metal  and  Metal   Blade  Records through the decades across eight albums, a podcast series featuring the label's artists and founder, deluxe liner notes, and a photo booklet.

"In the 80's, when Brian Slagel released   ' Metal   Massacre ' - the inaugural   Metal   Blade   compilation that featured a little local band called   Metallica   - he altered the course of music history as we know it. So, there was a resounding 'hell yes' from the VMP team to partner with   Metal   Blade   to release our first-ever heavy music Anthology,"  said Courtney Catagnus, Sr Director, Business Development & Partnerships, VMP.  "In true Anthology form, we brought in the connoisseurs of the genre to guide us through the history of the label, as told through these eight key albums from   Metal   Blade , with guidance from legendary magazine, Revolver. We're so proud to bring you this next chapter in our Anthology series and can't wait to dive in together to unpack the rich history and influence of   Metal   Blade ."

VMP Anthology: The Story of   Metal   Blade  is an 8-album, 9-disc set on 180g 2-colored splatter vinyl spanning  Metal   Blade  Records' scrappy '80s to the chart-topping '10s. It is limited to 1,000 pressings. The accompanying podcast series features five episodes with the label's artists and founder Brian Slagel to guide listeners on a four week journey through these hard-hitting albums. Fans will also get a bonus  Metal   Blade  Records axe patch merch item. See below for the list of included albums; purchase your copy now at:

Album list:
1.  Omen -   Warning of Danger  (1985)
2.  Fates Warning -   The Spectre Within  (1985)
3.  Gwar -   America Must Be Destroyed  (1991)
4.  Cannibal Corpse -   Butchered At Birth  (1991)
5.  King Diamond -   Voodoo  (1998)
6.  The Black Dahlia Murder -   Miasma  (2005)
7.  Amon Amarth -   Twilight of the Thunder God  (2008)
8.  Armored Saint -   La Raza  (2010)

VMP Anthology is a reinvented, immersive box set experience for music fans willing to journey beyond the liner notes. Each Anthology features expert storytelling, exclusive inserts, and a collectors-edition vinyl box set.  The Story of   Metal   Blade  is the ninth VMP Anthology release. Prior to  The Story of   Metal   Blade , VMP released Anthologies honoring  The Grateful Dead , Blue Note Records, the Women of Motown, Ghostly International, Stax Records, Zamrock, Tribe Records, and  Herbie Hancock .

To learn more, visit:  https://anthology. . For more information on Vinyl Me, Please, go to  and follow @vinylmeplease on socials.


About VMP
Vinyl Me, Please (VMP) is a community of explorers and storytellers who navigate between sounds that are lost and found to create transcendent tangible music experiences. VMP offers customers four different monthly vinyl subscriptions (Essentials, Classics, Hip Hop, and Country), an online record store with exclusive pressings, and a multitude of editorial content, storytelling, and events. Through these offerings, we embark on explorations of familiar sounds from our past, and new sounds for our future. To learn more, visit  and follow @vinylmeplease on socials.

About   Metal   Blade   Records
Metal   Blade  Records was formed in 1982, and still remains independent, with offices worldwide. Throughout the years, the label has released material for countless renown acts (such as  Metallica, Slayer , etc.), and is currently home to  Amon Amarth, The Black Dahlia Murder, Cannibal Corpse , and many other legendary artists.

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