Nihilum - Call of the Void - Reviewed By Necromance Magazine! Sunday March 14 2021, 12:14 PM
Nihilum - Call of the Void - Reviewed By Necromance Magazine!

Nihilum - Call of the Void - Reviewed By Necromance Magazine ! Check it out here at this link:

Good vibes today, huh? Because we are going to talk about Nihilism, the philosophical doctrine that considers that, in the end, everything comes down to nothing, and therefore, nothing makes sense. Life, morals, religions ... Everything! Everything is nothing. Color and make your day with Teo!

As you will understand for a vital conception of similar characteristics, the music that hits him the most is, without a doubt, Black Metal. And in this specific case, we are talking about NIHILUM.From what I have been able to find out from Bandcamp, it is a one-man project. And well, little else, there is no name of the nihilist, so ... there is little else except to puncture the tracks! "The Overseer" is an ominous recitative intro on a basis that has well deceived me, as it reminded me of those MINISTRY electronic arrangements of the late 90's. But not. Well, right away comes the first round with "Blood Magic", and yes; no doubt: old-school Black, without much arrangement, without much flourish, with different tempo changes; raw, direct, vicious and boiling; torn and heartbroken. If it is not necessary to look for three feet to the cat either.

"Pestilence" crawls agonizingly at the beginning, and if you hear a series of harmonies in the background that develop a pattern that is repeated throughout the song, although it is quite overshadowed by the wall of guitars. But come on, it is clear that here has not come to party, and, of course, the music is a faithful reflection of its creator and, optimism, what is said optimism, does not show much in those we have heard. "Call of the Void", the title track of the EP, does reveal some double harmonies and even bass lines appear in the song. But we are in the same coordinates: a whiplash of nihilism, icy, concise, and vicious. Without ornaments, or orchestral flourishes, a wasteland ... Even in the lyrics, bits of philosophy are revealed: Man will sleep / One final time / And dream of extinction / Morning light / Devoured by / The Great Nothing. There it is again: The light of dawn, devoured by the Great Nothing.

And he closes the delivery with an “Omnicide”, perhaps the most varied and original theme in terms of its approach, although well anchored in the most Heavy and the first sounds of Black (I would even dare to say, more similar to the bands than what inspired). And, as usual, positive lyrics everywhere.

Little else can be scratched around here. Published in June of last year, with all the mogoll of the pandemic, it is undoubtedly a representation of the artist's point of view and ideas. And, obviously, he has not done it to please anyone. In fact, the needles on the nuisance meter have moved merrily throughout the twenty-odd minutes of this EP. But, maybe for next time, something else. Plain and simple that: something else. 7/10 - Necromance Magazine

Artist Bio: Nihilum

Driving, unrelenting, intense and melodic. These are the four sonic pillars that North Carolina-based Black Metal artist Nihilum builds his sound around. The extremely religious environment that he grew up around played a pivotal role in shaping his musical tastes into what it is today, eventually discovering Black Metal, and finally finding the genre that embodies the essence that he set out to find since the beginning.

He was immediately hooked to the metal genre as a child after listening to 'Frayed Ends Of Sanity' on Kansas City's rock station 'Mandatory Metallica' show. Additionally, his unfaltering passion for music serves as a coping mechanism for Nihilum. Above all, it's his commitment and love for the genre that drives him forward in his life. 

With influences such as Watain, Mayhem, MGLA, Darkthrone, Marduk, Behemoth, The Black Dahlia Murder, and Cattle Decapitation, and many more. The stories and themes that he paints with his music revolve around the marriage of sci fi, horror, and Satanism all coalesced into one.

As an independent artist, Nihilum released his debut EP "Call of the Void" on June 11th 2020. It's a five-track EP that captures the sound that Nihilum has wanted to push ever since he heard that first Metallica song as a child.

The ultimate goal for Nihilum? Create the music that he loves, spark the passion that was set ablaze by himself as a child, and of course, to make fans headbang like there's no tomorrow. Listen to Nihilum on Bandcamp .

The most recent release will be a two track single, “Sunless Death” on December 14th.

Artist Name: Nihilum
Origin: US
Active Since: Jan 2020
First release: Call of the Void (June 2020)
Label: Independent/Unsigned
Genre: Black Metal 
Members: Nihil - Bass, Guitars, Vocals, Lyrics, and all Songwriting
 Jere Jolkkonen - Drums



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