Christoffear Wins Band Of The Month March 2021 Sunday February 28 2021, 5:22 PM
Christoffear Wins Band Of The Month March 2021

Christoffear Wins Band Of The Month March 2021! Coming in with 21,011 votes!

We all have our demons. Mental disorders, passions, perversities, fear, anger, frustration, darkness, all the ugliness we carry within. Crawling in the darkest depths of our existence, they always seek to gain control over mind and soul. A perpetual internal conflict and the inspiration behind this collection of songs.

"We All Have Our Daemons" is the debut album of Christoffear, a new melodic death metal band from Argos, Greece, formed in 2020.

Influenced by the Gothenburg sound and the Greek death/black metal scene of the '90s, the band is the brainchild of Christopher Boufas, founding member and main songwriter of the now defunct Hedon Cries, with whom he released two albums during the '00s.

Released February 15, 2021

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