MAGICK TOUCH premiere special concert film "Live and Contagious" Tuesday February 23 2021, 5:52 AM
MAGICK TOUCH premiere special concert film "Live and Contagious"

Today, hard rockin' Norwegians Magick Touch premiere a special concert film titled Live and Contagious. 

Come on and join one of the few hard rock shows that happened in Bergen during 2020 after the pandemic struck. During a few weeks in October, venues were allowed to arrange gigs for a maximum of 200 people, and the first time Magick Touch performed in front of a seated audience. It was certainly a night to remember for both the band and the crowd! Take your seat in the front row and join the live magick in this hot 'n' smokey six-song excerpt of the show HERE.

(The show was arranged in line with Norwegian Covid-19 regulations, and all recommended measures were in place.)

Vocalist/bassist Christer Ottesen explains the story: "In March 2020, Magick Touch were catapulted home from an ongoing tour in Germany. Our big homecoming gig was postponed, then cancelled. Our third album, Heads Have Got To Rock’n’Roll, was released in June without a single tour or gig in sight. Luckily, a tiny window of opportunity opened in October 2020. The venue could only operate on a 25% of capacity crowd, with QR codes, people sitting in ‘bubbles,’ and table-service merch. So, what was it gonna be like? A massive heavy metal show in a dim-lit restaurant? Well, now you can see for yourself. Magick Touch brought more amps, lights, and smoke than ever before.  A real guillotine. And a band on fire. We did it because - you know - You Can’t Stop Rock’n’Roll."

Adds guitarist H.K. Rein, "In a year where charming concerts are streaming from the bedroom, Magick Touch bring you the full deal, and where the band meets the audience and they both feed off each other's energy, just like it used to be..." 

"Thanks to the promotors and crew at our local venue USF," concludes drummer Bård Nordvik. "We got the opportunity to play a full-fledged show in front of a maximum 'corona capacity' of 200 people. ONE show is infinitely better than NO show. We wanted to share this special event, this 'once in a corona time' concert with all of you who miss a real live rock 'n' roll show as much as we do!”"

Stream Live and Contagious in its entirety HERE at Magick Touch's official YouTube channel.




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