GIMME METAL: Ektomorf, Gravesend, And Culted Guest DJ Specials Announced, Zakk Sabbath's Behind The Wall O' Doom Documentary To Air On GIMME METAL TV, Weekly Metal Chart Posted, And More! Tuesday February 23 2021, 5:22 AM
GIMME METAL: Ektomorf, Gravesend, And Culted Guest DJ Specials Announced, Zakk Sabbath's Behind The Wall O' Doom Documentary To Air On GIMME METAL TV, Weekly Metal Chart Posted, And More!

Each week, GIMME METAL publishes its radio chart listing the top 40 tracks played on the station. Already the best metal discovery service online, the GIMME METAL chart is a powerful tool for listeners, labels, and artists for staying up to date on the best new metal released by established greats and up-and-coming underdogs, all handpicked by GIMME 's knowledgeable DJ roster and editorial team.

GIMME METAL Chart - February 22nd, 2021: 

1. Cannibal Corpse - "Inhumane Harvest"

2. Disfiguring The Goddess - "Sooth"

3. Gimli, Son Of Glóin - "Nary A Man Nor Beast Shall Outsmart The Refined Skills Of A Dwarf Of Erebor"

4. Werewolves - "Crushgasm"

5. Wode - "Vanish Beneath"

6. Evile - "Hell Unleashed"

7. Nervosa - "Venomous"

8. The Crown - "Motordeath"

9. Nightfall - "Giants Of Anger"

10. Bongzilla - "Sundae Driver"

Click HERE for the full Top 40 List.

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S.O.D. - Speak English Or Die - March's GIMME METAL Vinyl Club pick is a reissue of S.O.D's iconic debut full-length, Speak English Or Die. Released in 1985, with Speak English Or Die , S.O.D.  - Scott Ian (Anthrax), Charlie Benante (Anthrax), Dan Lilker (Nuclear Assault), and Billy Milano - inadvertently composed one of the greatest and most influential crossover thrash albums of all time. GIMME METAL 's Vinyl Club edition of Speak English Or Die is a double LP featuring thirty-three tracks from the Megaforce Records 30th anniversary reissue and comes on camo splatter vinyl accompanied by a bonus S.O.D. camo pattern enamel pin! Don't miss out! Sign up today at THIS LOCATION .


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This week on GIMME METAL: 


Ektomorf Guest DJ Special - Since Ektomorf's 1994 debut, Hangok , the Hungarian four-piece has regularly delivered new power to their devotees. The band's latest release, Reborn , out now on Napalm Records, ignites with crushing, speed-driven guitar riffs and smashing drums upon angry, driven by the vicious words of vocalist/guitarist Zoltan "Zoli" Farkas. With its heavy sound and harsh lyrics that will burn any genre limitations to the ground, the band's fifteenth studio album breathes the spirit of the "Big Four'' while simultaneously beginning a completely independent new chapter of Ektomorf. GIMME welcomes the band to the guest DJ spot for a special that promises some metal nuggets from Eastern Europe and more.



GIMME 5 w/ DJ Jet - This month, Jet conducts interviews with another stellar roundup of artists. Tune in this Tuesday at 5:00pm EST /2:00pm PST, to catch spotlights with Deeds Of Flesh ( Nucleus ), Moonspell ( Hermitage ), Korpiklaani ( Jylha ), Angelus Apatrida (self-titled LP), and Iotunn ( Access All Worlds ). Join Jet in the chat about these albums, artists, and more! 



Gravesend Guest DJ Special - New York City's Gravesend arises with ill intent like a foul emanation from the aging sewage-filled rot slowly winding its way beneath the city's vast concrete walls and pavement pathways; a city of discarded needles, noxious fumes, scavenging rats, broken bottles, and cracked minds. An aural manifesto of urban blight and disgust, the band's latest offering, Methods Of Human Disposal out now on 20 Buck Spin, is the appropriately grotesque follow-up to their cult-revered Preparations For Human Disposal 2020 demo. The LP works like a lone killer stalking the streets, internally seething with rage, preparing to cast off the last remnants of restraint. Bear witness to savage black/death metal with a hellish grindcore fixation, searing warped speeds, and the slowly swelling carnage of a derailed subway pileup, and hear what aural destruction they throw your way with their first guest DJ special.



Culted Guest DJ Special - Culted have returned once again to Season Of Mist with Nous (out this Friday) to inflict their distinct brand of experimental black/industrial/doom. Teeming with squalls of feedback and flanks of warped riffage that sounds like it's being pumped through blown amp heads, primitive percussion, and fuzzed-out hissy vocals abound, this will be the deep-freeze soundtrack of your mid-winter dreams. GIMME is honored to have Culted take over the airwaves. 

Coming soon to GIMME METAL TV:


Imperium Dekadenz: Live At Summer Breeze - Missing live shows? GIMME 's got you covered! Straight from Season Of Mist's exclusive library, GIMME will be airing a fiery live performance of ravaging black metal straight out of the black forest! Imperium Dekadenz bring a mesmerizingly hammering performance of choice tunes from their first four full-lengths for a top notch concert experience. Download the GIMME METAL app to enjoy this one on GIMME TV! 



Behind The Wall O' Doom : Zakk Sabbath Documentary - Check out this free event on GIMME TV! Zakk Sabbath is the Black Sabbath tribute band featuring guitarist/vocalist Zakk Wylde (Black Label Society, Ozzy Osbourne), bassist Blasko (Ozzy Osbourne, Rob Zombie), and drummer Joey Castillo (Danzig, Queens Of The Stone Age). Behind The Wall O' Doom is the companion documentary to Zakk Sabbath's Vertigo , a re-recording of Black Sabbath's eponymous debut released last year in celebration of the record's 50th anniversary. "We recorded a live EP and were wondering what we could do next as a cover band, so the 50th album anniversary came just at the right time," said Blasko. "Compared to [Black Sabbath's second studio album] Paranoid , which is almost like a best-of record, the bulk of the material on Black Sabbath is deep-cut, really experimental stuff that was never thoroughly explored, so that was a challenge, not to forget that we wanted to meet our own high standards." The songs were faithfully recorded in the spirit of the original - live in the studio and with a film crew documenting the process - culminating in a new celebration of the greatest heavy metal band of all time and the record that started it all. It's a compelling documentary and you don't need to be a Brigade Member to enjoy the whole thing so make sure to take advantage of this killer showing! 

Saturday Horror Feature: I Drink Your Blood Hosted By Kelsey Chapstick - Don't you hate it when you try to forge a nice, innocent Satanic hippie cult and everything goes awry? In this '70s hippie exploitation film directed by David E. Dursto, a group of Satanic hippies become rabid and cannibalistic after being fed meat pies injected with dog blood and they kill and infect everyone on their path! We'll once again be joined by the wonderfully dark Kelsey Chapstick who will warm us up before the movie kicks off and send us off after the credits roll so be sure to stick around for her closing bit as it's guaranteed to be a fun time! Oh! And don't forget to join in on the live chat!

Upcoming on GIMME METAL:

3/01 Terminal Bliss

3/03 Einherjer

3/05 Cadaver All-Norwegian Special

3/06 Portrayal Of Guilt

3/09 The Crown 

3/10 Wolf King 

3/12 Pupil Slicer 

3/16 Conan

3/17 Primordial All-Irish St. Patrick's Day Special 

3/19 Eyehategod 

3/24 Michael Alago

3/26 Autopsy 

3/31 Genghis Tron

4/01 Wode 

4/07 Horndal 

4/09 The Lion's Daughter 

4/13 Akiavel 

4/14 Sydney Metal Special

4/16 Exciter

4/20 Bongzilla 420 Special

4/27 Vreid 

5/05 Evile 

5/07 Molten


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