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DANGEROUS TIMES FOR THE DEAD - Reviewed By ODYMETAL ! Check it out here at this link: https://odymetal.blogspot.com/2021/02/dangerous-times-for-dead-dangerous-time.html

I received for download, as part of the promo, 6 tracks and what was for me an EP is a non-commercial compilation which brings together the 6 singles released between 11.12.2019 and 14.12.2020. It is true that when a group releases an album, we talk about it for a few months, then nothing, especially without concerts. By releasing an EP regularly (6 out of 12 months), we talk about the band more often. In these uncertain times, it may be the solution to always be in the "news". 

The five Dutch of DANGEROUS TIMES FOR THE DEAD evolve in a traditional old school heavy metal with Bjørn Ciggaar with atypical vocals approaching, at times, that of Glenn Danzig but less powerful. Their music being focused by the 80s, we will find melodies that border on Hard FM with as main influences IRON MAIDEN and TYGERS OF PAN TANG to name a few. 

"Fairytale" 1st single released on 12.11.21019.
The Maiden influence is very present, with an assertive voice, a good rhythm, it's melodic and the solo is well in place. 

"The Cats Of Ulthar" 2nd single released on 01/22/2020.
Typical NWOBHM atmosphere, on a rhythm a little more sustained than a mid-tempo with a TYGERS aspect. The singer lets go and everything is very fluid 

“Power Management” 3rd single released on 02/10/2020.
This title presents more heaviness on certain passages where Bjørn will interpret a deeper song and we will feel that he forces and does not fully control it, on the other hand, for the short high notes high perched, it goes without problem. The sound of the whole is more Heavy Metal and the solo confirms it. 

“Crystal Gazer” 4th single released on 08/16/2020.
Heavy well in place with its entry riff and deep voice as on the first track, the drums hit hard and we find a MAIDEN touch. Excellent doubled solo and some backing vocals on the chorus which even takes on a more modern LOST HORIZON color, melodic and catchy. 

“Dangerous Times For The Dead” 5th single released on 09.10.2020.
Here, we shake up the main influences already developed. On this track, the heaviest and the most speed at the same time, we will find JUDAS PRIEST and MERCYFUL FATE for an excited track, the voice put forward is carried by a rhythm section where sharp solos come to be established. 

“Storm The Castle” 6th single released on 12/14/2020.
Sound of a duel of swords, of gallop, a barking dog and it is not the caravan which passes, but a riff which tumbles with a voice ranging from low to high. The song is particularly melodious. We find an epic side and the musical break with the subtle guitar will see the development of an aerial solo which will gain power before returning to this very pleasant catching song. 

With an artwork for each single, here's work and additional investment and the group DANGEROUS TIMES FOR THE DEAD has given itself the means and innovates by releasing six singles in twelve months. In this logical approach, let us note a new single, the seventh “Queen Of The Night” released on 02.14.2021 *. Maybe like a loyalty card (for 10 pizzas one free - I'm kidding !!!) we will have the right for 10 tracks / singles to a full CD with bonuses to thank those who follow them from the beginning. On the pace of release put in place at the end of summer 2021, this should become clearer. Until then, you have material to discover the group and start a collection. Heavy Metal lovers in the tradition of the NWOBHM, this group, which plays well, should interest you and will remain to be followed. 

* Bonus column of "Queen Of The Night" 7th single released on 02.14.2021. 
Heavy riff, strong voice, good bass, melodic refrain, varied and effective solo, a very catchy track which confirms the good mood of the group.
MONKEYMETAL aka Troll / ODYMETAL / on 02/18/2021. - ODYMETAL

DANGEROUS TIMES FOR THE DEAD is a Dutch Heavy Metal band that sounds they have been transported straight out of the 80's; a hard & heavy, classic but fresh sound, makes them a part of the New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal. Full of energy, entertaining and powerful, epic guitar solos, thumping bass and drums and a singer who cuts through all this violence with true heavy metal, high-pitched vocals.

Their latest track "Queen of the Night" (released 14th of February 2021) is about the misfits and misunderstood; those who dare to be different (or just are different). Those who don't fit in, or don't want to. On the cover of the single you see Malin Kvitblik from Norway. Malin has autism and was bullied for being different. But "see what she's done, look at her now"; 45.000(!) followers on Instagram as a tattoo model.

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Lead vocals: Bjørn Ciggaar
Bass guitar and backing vocals: Gerrit Procée
Guitars: Thijs Bouwman & Dave Pilon
Drums: Jeroen Vermeer




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