Kira - "Peccatum Et Blasphemia" - Reviewed by All Around Metal! Saturday February 20 2021, 5:39 PM
Kira - "Peccatum Et Blasphemia" - Reviewed by All Around Metal!

Kira - "Peccatum Et Blasphemia" - Reviewed by All Around Metal ! Check it out here at this link:

Second album for Polish Black / Death metallers Kira: "Peccatum et Blasphemia" was released last October by Ossuary Records. If we talk about Black / Death, Poland and themes with a Satanist and / or anticlerical background, we cannot avoid taking as a term of comparison the 'usual' Behemoth and Azarath, which, together with the equally 'usual' Belphegor, are at all effects among the main influences of the Opoczno quintet. More specifically, like the Belphegor of the period around the years of "Luccifer Incestus" and Azarath, Kira give more space to the Black component of their sound: sharp guitars with an evil mood, blast beats at inhuman speeds, acid screamin 'vocals ... all elements in which the Kira seem to move totally at ease, as we can hear for example in the two singles "Lucifer's Herald" and "In the Devil's Embrace". However, these are not the only noteworthy pieces of "Peccatum et Blasphemia"; while not absolutely shining for originality, the Kira manage to put on a solid record that will certainly raise the antennas to lovers of Central-European black school also thanks to shots like "Necroscience" or the epic cadences of "Temple of Suffering" , rather than a "The Fearful One" in which you have as a guest Seth, live guitarist of Behemoth and founder of Nomad, a band in which Kira drummer Groshek plays among other things. But "One Gram of Your Soul" is the best song of the whole lot, A second album more than satisfactory for Kira: "Peccatum et Blasphemia" is, as we said, an album that would not disfigure in the collection of the fans of Black and Black / Death of the Polish school. Ours compensate for the lack of originality with a precise and visceral execution: recommended listening! - All Around Metal

The band Kira was founded in 2015 in Opoczno. The originator was Nameless on guitar, music (Nomad, ex-Ethelyn) who asked Groshek to drums (Nomad, Peacemaker) and Mysth vocals, bass, lyrics (Ethelyn, Deathstorm) for collaboration. Currently signed to Ossuary records!

Released October 9, 2020

Track List:

1. Opening the Gates of Hell

2. Lucifer's Herald

3. One Gram of Your Soul

4. Necroscience

5. Temple of Suffering

6. Lord of Hallucinations

7. In the Devil's Embrace

8. The Fearful One

9. Weakness Isn't Breathless

10. Silence Is Consent

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