LADY BEAST Appearing Tonight on Anthony's Bourdain's 'Parts Unknown' Sunday October 22 2017, 4:50 PM
LADY BEAST Appearing Tonight on Anthony's Bourdain's 'Parts Unknown'

Yes,  that  Anthony Bourdain! Pittsburgh heavy metal heroes  LADY BEAST will appear tonight's episode of  at 9:00pm EST on CNN . During Bourdain's journey into the heart of Pittsburgh, the crew filmed a  LADY BEAST show at Gooski's in Polish Hill and the rest is almost history. Read all about it here  a nd make sure to watch  tonight !



Get in the spirit with the new lyric video for "Every Giant Shall Fall" at  this location .

Cruz Del Sur Music will release   Vicious Breed   from Pittsburgh's NWOBHM-inspired upstarts   LADY BEAST on   November 17 . The album was produced by Jason Jouver.  Karl Dahmer is credited with the album's cover art. 

Recorded at +/- Studios in Pittsburgh under the supervision of Jason Jouver,   Vicious Breed is   LADY BEAST 's most dynamic album to date. Sporting a wide variety of moods and flavors, the record features the speedy title track, downright heavy "Lone Hunter", the balladry of "Always With Me" and the straight-up rock of "Get Out of My Way." Guitarist Twiz states matter-of-factly: "I'm probably most proud of the songs on this than I am of other stuff I've written.

"I am very proud of the melodies and lyrical content on this album," adds Levine. "I have a bit of a formula when I start writing lyrics. The music and feel of the song obviously help the direction I turn, but also I like to have a skeleton of the same idea for each album. The song of an epic story, the hopeful song, the metal ripper, etc. Each is important as it builds the album as a whole. On   Vicious Breed , we have our first ballad, on which it will be fun to slow it down and have people hear a different side of us."

Stocked with soaring twin-guitar harmonies, headstrong vocals, pounding tempos and would-be classic metal anthems,   Vicious Breed   is   LADY BEAST's   coming out party. With the support of Cruz Del Sur, it's only appropriate   LADY BEAST   have their sights set on conquering the international metal scene. Beware...your town may be the next to feel the strike of the beast!  


For an Italian label, Cruz Del Sur Music has long dug into the fertile musical grounds of the of Pennsylvania. The label's first-ever signing was melodic metal heroes Pharaoh, who since 2003, have remained one of Cruz Del Sur's flagship bands. Classic doom merchants Argus and melodic thrashers Crown The Lost soon followed, giving the label an American flavor to go along with its heavily-stocked European roster. Therefore, it's no surprise one of the label's latest signings also comes from the great state of PA: Pittsburgh's   LADY BEAST.


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