Streaming Now! Malice Divine Premiere Debut Album Stream via Bravewords Thursday February 18 2021, 10:14 AM
Streaming Now! Malice Divine Premiere Debut Album Stream via Bravewords

Ric Galvez - Vocals/Guitar/Bass - Photo Credit – Deborah Lawrence

The one-man act of Toronto’s Malice Divine (also seen as a contestant on  Banger TV’s Shredders of Metal  Seasons 1 & 2.) will be dropping a debut self-titled album on Friday, February 19th, and before it officially unleashes, Bravewords is premiering the full length's entire stream  HERE .

Ric Galvez, creator of Malice Divine comments on the album's release:

“I am incredibly proud to present the self-titled debut of my solo project Malice Divine. There were many different influences poured into the composing of this album, from black metal to death metal, some thrash metal, and even classical music in the form of classical guitar. This was also a multi-year endeavour for me, which makes its release ever more satisfying.”

The self-titled debut album was recorded at Monolithic Productions in Oshawa, Ontario by Tyler Williams beginning in January 2020. After the recording process had concluded, the album was re-amped and mixed by Tyler Williams and then Mastered by Lasse Lammert of LSD-Studio in Germany. This album is an excellent example of time spent during the Covid-19 pandemic being put to good use. 

The lyrics explored on the self-titled album are actually quite personal and deal with Ric Galvez’s thoughts and feelings regarding his life experiences. They are an outlet for self-expression, while also exploring topics such as spirituality and psychology with an underlying theme of personal empowerment.

Melodic and captivating with a good blend of heavy styles, Malice Divine is recommended for fans of Skeletonwitch, Death, Dissection, and Immortal.

The full album “Malice Divine” drops on February 19, 2021. 

Pre-save on digital platforms  here .

“In Time” -  YouTube  (vocal/guitar playthrough)
“Malicious Divinity” -  YouTube  (vocal/guitar playthrough)
“Triumphant Return” -  YouTube  (vocal/guitar playthrough)

Track Listing:
1. Somnium Lucidus (2:00)
2. Quantum Manifestation (7:11)
3. Malicious Divinity (5:54)
4. Triumphant Return (5:35)
5. Into Subconscious Depths (8:02)
6. Ancient Visions (6:14)
7. In Time (8:11)
8. Intuitive Realization (3:40)
9. The Transcendence Of Isolation (9:46)
Album Length: 56:37

More Info: malicedivineofficial


Toronto, Canada’s Malice Divine is a solo project contrived by Ric Galvez who had always had the dream of entire creative control. He wanted to expand beyond being known as just as a lead guitarist. Ric Galvez has played in local bands previously and was a contestant on  Banger TV’s Shredders of Metal  Seasons 1 & 2.

Ric Galvez has a major in music from York University and through Malice Divine he shows off his prowess across instruments. His lyrics are inspired by psychology, and spirituality, as well as personal experiences especially those involving the overcoming of obstacles and hardships using the resulting verses as a form of empowerment.

The first offering from Malice Divine, a self-titled full length, comes in 2021 with Dylan Gowan (Vesperia, Iomair) playing session drums. There are plans to flesh out a live lineup for Divine Malice when the time is right.

What people can expect from seeing Malice Divine live is highly aggressive black and death metal inspired music with shreddy and virtuosic guitar solos adding a melodic layer that isn’t common in the genre.

Malice Divine's self-titled debut album is due out February 19, 2021.

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