Vokonis - Blackened Wings - single - The Sign Records Release: 5 February 2021 Wednesday February 10 2021, 5:35 AM
Vokonis - Blackened Wings - single - The Sign Records Release: 5 February 2021

Vokonis will release their fourth studio album ”Odyssey” in spring 2021. More dynamically diverse than ever, the 6 new tracks feature guest musician Per Wiberg (Opeth, Spiritual Beggars, Kamchatka) on Keyboard. Odyssey is Vokonis' first true prog-record. A record for the new decade.

After the success of Vokonis' critically acclaimed third album ”Grasping Time” (2019), Vokonis immediately went into recording more material. With the goal set to further expand the prog landscape, Vokonis crafted recordings that are more dynamically diverse and forward-thinking than ever before. The result is ”Odyssey”, the upcoming fourth studio album by Vokonis. Ranging from full-blown doom to melodically blissful passages, the new album features guest musician Per Wiberg (Opeth, Spiritual Beggars, Kamchatka) on Keyboard. 

With tangible prog- influences combined with stand out choruses, the 6 tracks on ”Odyssey" further explores the sound that Vokonis introduced on 2019’s ”Grasping Time”. Jonte’s clean vocal lines are effectively blended with Simon’s aggressive bark, creating tons of depth as the sound shift from dreamy psychedelia to faze-melting sludge heaviness. The new tracks are backed up by the rhythmical patterns provided by the 
band’s new drummer Peter Ottosson who, since his affiliation in early 2019, has proved to be a spark plug of inspiration for the band. 

”Odyssey" was recorded in Studio Soundport, Sweden, by Mikael Andersson. Mastered by 
Magnus Lindberg. The artwork for the album and its singles were made by Kyrre Bjurling 
(Grasping Time, Olde One Ascending Reissue). ”Odyssey” will be released on The Sign Records on May 7, 2021. The album will be available on digital, vinyl, and CD format. Get ready. 

The heavy prog-metal-trio, Vokonis, is here to daze you with their furious sludge-vibe and 
melodic passages. Drenched in blasting distortion, melody, and menace, Vokonis is ready to fully blossom as the progressive beast they’ve held within since 2015. With a style that ranges from heavy riffage, face-melting layers of fuzz, and gritty, howling vocals to utterly clean, dreamlike soundscapes, they aim to completely immerse you in their songwriting. As you share a psychedelic and thrilling journey Vokonis will have shown their range from full-
blown doom to melodically blissful passages.

After the release of their latest album “Grasping Time”, Vokonis immediately went into crafting more material. The result came to be their fourth studio album ”Odyssey”, out on The Sign Records in the spring of 2021. Dynamically diverse, with more choruses and with the addition of guest musician Per Wiberg (Opeth, Spiritual Beggars, Kamchatka) on keyboards, "Odyssey" sets itself apart from everything the band has released before. With clear aggressive guitars, rumbling distorted bass, and blasting drums along with mellotron and organs, Odyssey is Vokonis' first true prog-record. A record for the new decade. 

Playing shows and putting a bigger focus on touring, Vokonis have shared stages with bands such as Monolord, Skraeckoedlan, and Elder. Playing on the road has been instrumental in the evolution of the band. Their appearance at Desertfest London in 2019 showcased the band’s musical growth 
since their latest album release. With the addition of Peter behind the drum kit they've taken a lot of steps towards a more cohesive sound. 
With a dynamic range the size of the backline of Sunn O))), Vokonis show that their love for warm sound and melody is not lost on anyone. 

Vokonis has since their start putting everything in high gear. While th4ey’ve released three records, being featured in the highly profiled “The Planet of Doom”-animated movie, Vokonis aren’t stepping 
down in tempo. Neither are they satisfied. With a new sound, the trio is ready to launch themselves into the stratosphere. 

Vokonis' third, critically acclaimed album “Grasping Time” was released in late summer 2019 on The Sign Records. Inspired by nature and the universe around us, the album was the beginning of a new musical era for the band. Drawing inspiration from the shared vocals of Mastodon and a love for all things progressive Vokonis evolved into the usage of dual vocals. Now sharing lead vocals, 
Jontes melodic voice complement the fierce bark of guitarist Simon. The album also meant a line-up change as former member Emil left the band and current drummer Peter was recruited. 

Vokonis sophomore album ’The Sunken Djinn’ was released in 2017 on Ripple Music. The album is heavy endeavor focusing mainly on raw power and how far one can take fuzzed out riffs. The band’s furious debut ”Olde One Ascending” saw the light of day in 2016, and presented the heavy foundation of what would later become the Vokonis we know today. 

Vokonis are always ready to take the next step. With a new dynamic sound and a goal set for the domination of the heavy underground they’re coming for your ears. Get ready!
Simon Ohlsson - Guitar and Vocals 
Jonte Johansson - Bass and Vocals 
Peter Ottosson - Percussion - Drums 


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