SAPROBIONTIC to release "Biological Invaders“ on February 19th Sunday January 31 2021, 9:46 AM
SAPROBIONTIC to release "Biological Invaders“ on February 19th

"Apocalyptic Retribution" is the second album by Dresden death metallers Saprobiontic and will be released on February 19th via MDD Records.

"Apocalyptic Retribution" was mixed and mastered by mastermind Jörg Uken at Soundlodge Studio and features 10 tracks of finest brutal death metal, peppered with blast beats, a hard-hitting guitar sound and a lot of groove. Since the band does not have a permanent drummer at the moment, none other than Michiel van der Plicht (Pestilence, ex-God Dethroned) could be recruited for this task.

Listen their first single "Biological Invaders" at this location:

01 Fires Of Judgement
02 Biological Invaders
03 Curtain Of Truth
04 Apocalyptic Conflagration
05 Nemesis Of The World
06 Eschaton
07 Language Of A Lost Empire
08 Pathogen-Induced Insanity
09 Steps Of Retribution 
10 Dead Certainty

Artwork: Luisma (Haemorrhage, Avulsed).

"Apocalyptic Retribution" is now available for pre-order:

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