Dreamslain - Tales Of Knights And Distant Worlds [Nordic Epic Metal Meets Prog Rock FFO Cirith Ungol Uriah Heep ] Saturday January 30 2021, 5:15 PM
Dreamslain - Tales Of Knights And Distant Worlds [Nordic Epic Metal Meets Prog Rock FFO Cirith Ungol Uriah Heep ]


The enemies of summer, the eaters of the sun, rise from the dank soil in a boiling tide of soulless hunger. Their tattered standard of ancient skin and bone casts its shadow once more across the Other World and the spectres of war and blood fly screaming through the air as the very firmament cracks asunder. The call goes out across eternity - for champions, defenders, knights and believers - and the desperate cry resonates in the hearts of those who have always known that their quiet lives of inconsequence were but passing things. They will leave behind the pale grey domains of servitude and mundanity and sacrifice themselves in battle in an unseen land; taking up arms against the dying of the light and the ending of our dreams.

The beautiful wilds of Northern Norway provide the perfect backdrop over which Dreamslain can weave their songs of war and sorcery, their unique musical creations which can carry the dreamers amongst us to realms beyond the walls of our existence. Their sound is one that stretches across the decades, reaching back to the joyous, free-flowing music of the’70s, taking in the unabashed, heroic metal of the ‘80s and incorporating the influences of the fiery extreme sounds for which Norway is so renowned. Soaring guitar solos and regal organ sounds do battle across a landscape of thundering drums, as wildly varied vocals deliver magnificent epic narratives. Eight grand songs unfold across the brave and ambitious double CD that is Tales Of Knights And Distant Worlds, creating a debut album like no other. From the gallop through darkness of ‘Shadow Warriors’ to the incredible unfolding chapters of ‘Tale Of The Copper Guard’ this is a work of staggering imagination. To draw you back to reality the band have also included a bonus track, ‘In Memory Of Sister Rosetta Tharpe’, a blues infused instrumental that plays as the curtain falls and the house lights rise once more. 

Dreamslain’s music is conjured from the magic of jamming and improvising, igniting from the sparks that fly when musicians are together in a rehearsal room, capturing moments that can’t exist through e-mail links and file transfers. The power and passion of their playing has seen them perform live with artists as diverse as Circus Maximus, Dominanz and The Duskfall, capturing hearts in every audience. That same fire infuses Tales Of Knights And Distant Worlds, an organic, original album that opens doors upon magnificent vistas in a time when we are more trapped and constrained than ever. On January 29th open your mind to possibilities beyond our narrowing existence and follow the knights of Dreamslain to their distant worlds that you’ll never want to leave.

Anna Loppacher – Keyboards and Bass Pedals
Daniel Paulsen Figenschou – Drums
Igor Jakobsen – Guitars and Vocals

Genre: Epic Metal / Progressive Rock
For fans of: Cirith Ungol | Uriah Heep | Enslaved | Manilla Road

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