THE CHANT OF TREES (Meditative Folk Metal) out now! Saturday January 30 2021, 4:31 PM
THE CHANT OF TREES (Meditative Folk Metal) out now!

Born in the depths of the forest, where the spirit intertwines with streams and waterfalls, THE CHANT OF TREES is a meeting with our most profound essence. A communion with the murmur that is hidden deep within the mist of the modern world, showing itself only to those really looking for it.

The chants rise and blend in turn with the guitars as well as the sounds of the forest through different paintings, allowing a return to balance and the pacification of energies within consciousness. A soothing journey into our infinity inner.

Initiated by Zahaah, head of the band HIMINBJORG, this new project giving pride of place to acoustics is defined as "Meditative Folk Metal".

The melodies are alternately soaring, ethereal, melancholic, shamanic without refusing some more tumultuous pranks.

Throughout the record, you can hear Baptiste from BOISSON DIVINE release the boha, the aboès, the mandolin, the tin whistle or sporadically add a few touches of electric and acoustic guitar.

This is not the first collaboration between the two fellows, the album "Wyrd" by HIMINBJORG (2015) attesting to this meeting.

This album will be pressed in an exquisit A5 CD digipack, t-shirts and posters created in collaboration with the inspired artists Pascal Moguérou and David Thiérrée.

You won't have to wait too long before the realization of this project since the physical release is scheduled for January 29th on Shaman Voice Production. The digital release is scheduled for February 1st.


Tracklisting :

01 - The Chant Of Trees
02 - Along The Stream
03 - Gaze Of Time
04 - The Boundless Seas Part 1
05 - The Boundless Seas Part 2
06 - Heilaah
07 - War Day
08 - Shaman
09 - Springtime Of The Soul
10 - The Absolute
11 - The Dawn
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