ASTRAL TOMB: new promo materials from BLOOD HARVEST Saturday January 30 2021, 2:48 PM
ASTRAL TOMB: new promo materials from BLOOD HARVEST

BLOOD HARVEST RECORDS is proud to present a highly anticipated new EP from ASTRAL TOMB,  Degradation of Human Consciousness , on cassette tape format.

As presaged by their track to the  Chasm of Aeons  four-way split shared with CRYPTIC SHIFT, REPLICANT, and INOCULATION which BLOOD HARVEST released this past autumn, ASTRAL TOMB are all-too-perfectly monikered. Theirs is gross 'n' gooey dredge of deranged death metal that slices and sluices in obscene ways - all at the listener's discomfort, most of all, challenging even the most diehard death metaller. Their first longer-formed recording since their celebrated  Subterranean Forms  debut demo in 2019,  Degradation of Human Consciousness  is likewise perfectly titled, for its blown-out yet clanging soundworld consumes the listener's sanity first and then the body whole, spitting it back out - slowly, weirdly, wonderfully - in a manner that recalls both the most clandestine secrets of turn-of-the-'90s tape-trading  and  a future far off and none so vile.

ASTRAL TOMB have already written your epitaph with  Degradation of Human Consciousness  - and they're only just begun!

Preorder info can be found  HERE .


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