What Do You Think About The New Butcher Babies Song? Saturday October 14 2017, 6:18 PM
What Do You Think About The New Butcher Babies Song?

"Pomona (S**t Happens)" , a brand new song from   BUTCHER BABIES , can be streamed below. The track is taken from the band's third album,   "Lilith" , which will be released on October 27 via   Century Media . The follow-up to 2015's   "Take It Like A Man"   was produced by   Steve Evetts   ( THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN ,   SEPULTURA ,   SUICIDE SILENCE ) and marks the band's recording debut with new drummer,   Chase Brickenden , who replaced   Chris Warner   last year.

Pre-orders for   "Lilith"   are   available now   in both physical and digital formats.

"Lilith"   track listing:

01.   Burn The Straw Man
02.   Lilith
03.   Headspin
04.   Korova
05.   #Iwokeuplikethis
06.   The Huntsman
07.   Controller
08.   Oceana
09.   Look What We've Done
10.   Pomona (S**t Happens)
11.   Underground And Overrated


BUTCHER BABIES   co-vocalist   Heidi Shepherd   stated about   "Lilith" : "After a year of writing and recording, we are thrilled with the growth and maturity of this album. Leading with our title track,   'Lilith' , the artistic development within the band shines.

"We worked with producer,   Steve Evetts , to bring you the rawest form of   BUTCHER BABIES . No   Auto-Tune , a hundred percent real drums, real guitars, real bass, and an all-out   BUTCHER BABIES   assault on your senses. As we know in this industry, these standards are quickly replaced by machines and can eliminate what makes a band an actual band.

"We are so proud of the hard work and dedication that each member of our team put in to create this masterpiece."

BUTCHER BABIES   co-vocalist   Carla Harvey   told   Meltdown   Of Detroit's   WRIF   radio station that the music on   BUTCHER BABIES ' upcoming disc "runs the gamut" from "great thrash metal" to "a little bit of '90s influence." She said: "We're singing, we're screaming and it's just a great, great album. I couldn't be prouder of it. I think there's four songs where we do predominantly singing on it. And normally that would scare even me, 'cause I'm, like, 'I'm a metal girl! I don't wanna be singing.' But it's so beautiful — it really is. So it's kind of ballady, but not too ballady. It's very dark, sensual — the lyrics are very sensual on this album."

She continued: "I think we're bringing a little bit of the sexy back on this album that we kind of steered away from for a while. When we were building up our career, we wanted to be taken so seriously as metal chicks, so I think we kind of let those hindrances go a little bit and said, 'Let's just be us in all aspects of us' — from the metal to the sexy to everything else."

Although there is a lot of variety on   BUTCHER BABIES ' upcoming effort,   Carla   is quick to point out that "I couldn't do an album with no thrash on it, 'cause that's my passion. I think my favorite song on the album is a completely ridiculous thrash metal song that you'll hear," she said. "It's just amazing. In fact, one line in the song is about my   Corvette   that is always broken down. I have a '75   Corvette , 'cause I'm a real Detroit girl with a real American car. The song has completely ridiculous lyrics, but it's so cool — total thrash."

Carla   said that   BUTCHER BABIES   next album will contain eleven songs, with an extra track for Japan. The disc's first single has "got a super-sexy rhythm to it," according to   Harvey . "But everything is still… When you hear the album, you say, 'That's definitely   BUTCHER BABIES .'"

Regarding   BUTCHER BABIES ' collaboration with   Evetts ,   Carla   said: "He doesn't do any Auto-Tuning or any pitching or anything like that, so every note on this album is a hundred percent authentic. And it's really cool to be able to say that about an album nowadays, I think, because people are so used to hearing everything Auto-Tuned and touched up and fixed up. This album is exactly what we've always wanted to do — it's something passionate and raw — and we're all just over the moon for it."

She added: "That's the one thing that we've always wanted to capture, because I think that we're a great live band, and when you're a good live band, you wanna capture that energy, and we finally found a producer that can help harness that live energy, actually, into the album."

According to   Carla ,   Chase 's addition to   BUTCHER BABIES   contributed to the upcoming album being "just on another level." She explained: "He's just a great, great, great drummer with all kinds of new ideas, and we blend really well together. And we actually toured with   Chase   on our very first tour with   OTEP   years and years ago, so we're all old friends already and he just fit in seamlessly."

Shepherd   stated about the   "Lilith"   title and cover artwork, which can be seen below: "Historically,   Lilith   has become demonized as a representation of promiscuity and disobedience. We, however, see her as a positive figure. A symbol of autonomy, sexual equality, and full control over your own destiny.

" Lilith   is the supreme representation of the left-hand path woman: independent, having discarded the patriarchal yoke, and not afraid to use all the tools available to her, including her sexuality, to gain the most out of existence. The eels in the cover art represent sleek symbolism of new beginnings and adventure.

"With this album, we have musically taken a leap through old boundaries and landed in new oceans. It is said that a the dream or visions of eels is confirmation that the path we currently lead is the right one.

"In this new chapter of   BUTCHER BABIES , we welcome evolution as we bare ourselves with   'Lilith' ."

Added   Harvey : "When we were thinking of titles for our album, we wanted to find something that embodied sensuality, lust, danger and power. We kept going back to   Lilith . We researched   Lilith   and her origins in different cultures and forms and knew that this figure, once feared but now a beautiful, symbolic middle finger to repression, would be a perfect representation of our album.

"The cover art we created with our graphic artist perfectly pulls together the last year we've spent working on   'Lilith' .

"I've always loved water themes and there is something terrifying yet calming about the deep sea; submersing yourself in it could be the death of you, yet at the same time it's cleansing and renewing.

"With this album we dove in fully and drowned ourselves in emotion, sexuality and even turmoil, and let the two-headed beast we created has emerged even stronger."

BUTCHER BABIES   is supporting   HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD   on a U.S. tour which kicked off on October 1 in Atlanta, Georgia.

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