SACRIFIX finishes mixing debut album "World Decay 19"! Monday January 25 2021, 5:33 AM
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SACRIFIX finishes mixing debut album "World Decay 19"!

After six long months of hard work, the debut album of SACRIFIX thrashers from São Paulo , "World Decay 19" , had its mix finished by experienced producer Marco Nunes (Chaosfear, ex-Goatlove) , which has already produced bands such as Genocide, Goatlove, Chaosfear, Dungeon, among others.

With all the instruments and vocals recorded by the multi-instrumentalist, leader, founder and producer Frank Gasparotto (ex-Anthares, ex-Infamous Glory, ex-Goatlove, current Spiritual Hate and Masmorra), at North Greenhouse Studios , in São Paulo / SP , "World Decay 19" will contain seven tracks from the purest, visceral, raw and old school Thrash Metal, with lyrics in English and covering themes characteristic of the style (war, occultism, social criticism, existential issues and violence). The cover art, which will faithfully represent all this chaotic theme, will be in charge of the illustrator Márcio Aranha ( @ marcioaranha83 ), who has already done works for bands like Warsickness, Infector Cell, the cover of the South American tribute to Exodus, "Bonded By Thrash "and the Scourge / Axecuter split," Headbangers After Life ".
"As I had already worked with Marco Nunes on several other projects, the choice for him was obvious. He is a big fan of Thrash Metal Old School and knew exactly what to do with the Sacrifix sound. It took six months to conceive the work , with composition, pre-production, recording, production, mixing and mastering. With Marco's experience, I was sure I would achieve that sound based entirely on traditional Thrash Metal, with a lot of influence from the first albums of bands like Megadeth, Annihilator, Slayer, Sodom and Kreator! " , commented Frank Gasparotto (vocal / guitar)

The final tracklist for "World Decay 19" is:

Let Him Die
Living Hell
Evil Games (Angel Witch Cover)
World Decay 19

The planned release date for "World Decay 19" is late February or early March 2021.

Still as a trio, Frank Gasparotto (vocals / guitar), Kexo (bass, Infamous Glory, Death By Starvation) and Gustavo Piza (drums, Infamous Glory), but in search of a second guitarist, SACRIFIX has no intention of being just “one more” band among thousands of others in the Thrash Metal segment in our country, but show how to do it in the most intense, vigorous and violent way possible, respecting the beginnings of its creation, without frills and starring.
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Frank Gasparotto - Vocal / Guitar
Kexo - Bass
Gustavo Piza - Drums


"Sacrifix" (Single / 2020)
"World Decay 19" (Album / 2021)

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Photo by Frank Gasparotto

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