HEVILAN - 'Symphony of Good and Evil' (2021) Sunday January 24 2021, 1:56 PM
HEVILAN - 'Symphony of Good and Evil' (2021)

The Brazilian metal band, Hevilan, presents a versatile sound, based on the idea of ​​the conflict between good and evil within the human being. The songs bring the band's characteristic weight and melody. 

Hevilan is preparing to release a new album, entitled ‘'Symphony of Good and Evil'’, which will be released on 19th March, 2021 via Brutal Records. The band is looking forward to hearing your opinion on this work!

1. Dark Paradise
2. Rebellion of the Saints
3. Great Battle
4. Here I Am
5.  Always in my Dreams
Devil Within
6.  Part I: Evil Approaches
7.  Part II: Hammer of Gods
8.  Waiting for the Right  Time
Symphony of Good and Evil
9.  Part I: Revelation
10.  Part II: Dark Ages
11. Part III: Song of Rebellion
12.  Part IV: Epilogue

Alex Pasqualle (Vocal)
Johnny Moraes (Guitarra)
Biek Yohaitus (Baixo)
Rafael Dyszy (Bateria)

Genre:  Heavy Prog/ Symphonic Metal

Producer: Biek Yohaitus

Recording: Biek Yohaitus

Mixing and mastering: Lasse Lammert 

Artwork:  Gustavo Sazes

Label: Brutal Records

Photo: Alex Pasquale


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